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March 28, 2016

March 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 13

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World Sleep Day is observed on ?

What is the Theme of World Sleep Day 2016 ?

Who is the new CEO of AirAsia India ?

The Indian Air Force recently demonstrated its combat and fire power capabilities as part of the mammoth Exercise Iron Fist 2016. This exercise was  held in the in the deserts of ?

Which country has announced that it is going to organise programmes in eight different locations in India to honour the contributions of Indian soldiers during the 1971 war ?

Russia has slashed its space budget for 2016 to 2025 by ____________%, from 2 trillion rubles ($29.24 billion) to 1.4 trillion rubles ($20.68 billion).

A New Delhi based International fashion designer has been appointed as the advisor for Khadi promotion. Name her ?

Recently, India has signed loan agreement of __________  dollars with the world bank for Madhya Pradesh citizen access to responsive services project ?

The largest nuclear security centre in the Asia-Pacific region was recently opened at ?

Who has replaced Ritu Rani as the captain of the 18-member squad for the upcoming Hawke’s Bay Cup (Hockey) to be held in New Zealand from 2nd April 2016 ?

The Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley has recently inaugurated the 6th National Community Radio Sammelan in New Delhi. what is the theme of this sammelan ?

Aiming to provide cheap broadband connectivity, the Andhra Pradesh government has recently launched India’s first state-wide broadband project. Name it ?

India has recently entered into a social security agreement with Australia. With this, Australia has become the ____________th country with which India has a social security agreement in force.

The interest rate on Public Provident Fund (PPF) was cut from 8.7% to ___________%.

Who has been recently appointed as the new Governor of Bangladesh Bank ?

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