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February 10, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 7th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 7th February 2016. Happy Reading :)
Topic 1 : "Nuclear ambiguities"

  • Ambiguity - unclearness / confusion
  • Limelight - the focus of public attention
  • Convention - a ​formal ​agreement
  • Supplementary - extra
  • Compensation - money that is ​paid to someone in ​exchange for something that has been ​lost or ​damaged or for some ​problem
  • Ratified - to make an ​agreement ​official
  • Pooling - the ​act of sharing or ​combining two or more things
  • Pertain - related to something
  • Liability - the state of being legally responsible for something
  • Accede - agree to a demand / request / proposal
  • Prima facie - based on the first impression
  • Waiver - an ​agreement that you do not have to ​pay or ​obey something
  • Clear the air - to ​remove the ​bad ​feelings between ​people
  • Stumbling block - something that ​prevents ​action or ​agreement
  • Conformity - behaviour that ​follows the ​usual ​standards that are ​expected by a ​group or ​society
  • Claimed - to say that something is ​true or is a ​fact (​although you cannot ​prove it and other ​people might not ​believe it)
  • Latent -  existing but not yet developed
  • Victims - people who are suffered because of something
  • Sue - to take ​legal ​action against a ​person or ​organization
  • Tort - a wrongful act
  • Feasible - capable of doing something without too much difficulty
  • Confines - the ​outer ​limits of something
  • Ratification - the ​act of ​voting on a decision or ​signing a written ​agreement to make it ​official
  • Steep fall - very ​quick fall
  • Heady - having a strong effect
  • Persuade - to convince someone to do something
  • Reliance - dependence on or trust in someone or something
  • Scepticism - doubting that something is ​true or ​useful
  • Supersede - to ​replace something, ​especially something ​older or more ​old-fashioned
  • Statute - a ​law that has been ​formally ​approved and written down
  • Contradict - show to be false / prove negative
  • Cited - refered / mentioned
  • Morass - a complicated or confused situation
  • Stymied - to ​prevent something from ​happening
Topic 2 : "Harbinger of change in global trade"

  • Harbinger - something that that shows what will happen in the future
  • Headwinds - an economic situation that slows down the growth of an economy
  • Fillip - something that ​causes a ​sudden ​improvement
  • Implications - to ​suggest something without saying it ​directly
  • Pact - agreement
  • Spillover -  ​a situation, which ​begins to ​affect another ​situation
  • Significant - ​important or ​noticeable
  • Diversity - difference
  • Triumvirate - a ​group of three (organizations / countries), who are in ​control of another (organization / country)
  • Hammer something out -  to ​reach an ​agreement or ​solution after a lot of ​argument or ​discussion
  • Far-reaching - having great ​influence on many ​people or things
  • Template - something that is used as a ​pattern for ​producing other ​similar things
  • Legislative - relating to laws
  • Backing - support
  • Negotiations - discussions aimed at reaching an agreement
  • Contenders - people who ​competes with each other to ​try to ​win something
  • Reflect on something - to ​affect other people's ​opinion of someone or something
  • Underscoring - highlighting something (to draw special attention to something)
  • Negotiators - people who participate in discussions
  • Impact - powerful effect (influence)
  • Aggregate - something ​formed by ​adding together several ​amounts or things
  • Erosion - the process of damage / damaging
  • Ceded - gave up something (power or territory)
  • It's high time - it is about the right time for something
  • Proactively - controlling a situation by causing something to happen
  • Girded - to get ready to do something
  • Emerging - starting to ​exist
  • Bulwark - something that ​protects you from ​dangerous or ​unpleasant ​situations

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