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February 27, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 27th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 27th  February 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Cautious optimism"
  • Cautious optimism - a ​feeling that there are some ​reasons to ​hope for a good ​result, ​even if you do not ​expect ​complete ​success or ​improvement
  • Reaffirm - confirm the validity of (something previously established)
  • Project - estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present trends
  • Monetary -  ​relating to the ​money in a ​country
  • Ahead  - in front
  • Reform - an ​improvement, ​especially in a person's ​behaviour or in the ​structure of something
  • Road map -  a ​plan for how to ​achieve something
  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product: the ​total ​value of ​goods and ​services ​produced by a ​country in a ​year
  • Favourable - giving you an ​advantage or more ​chance of ​success
  • Domestic - relating to the running of a home
  • Insufficient  - not enough
  • Momentum  - the ​force that ​keeps an ​object ​moving or ​keeps an ​event ​developing after it has ​started
  • Liberally - given or used ​generously
  • Laud - To prise
  • Adhere - to ​stick ​firmly
  • Fiscal - ​connected with (​public) ​money
  • Deficit - the ​total ​amount by which ​money ​spent is more than ​money ​received
  • Robust -   ​strong and ​healthy
  • Accelerated - faster than usual
  • Uncertain - not ​able to ​decide about something or not ​known or ​fixed
  • Headwind - a ​wind ​blowing in the ​opposite ​direction to the one you are ​moving in
  • Malady - a ​problem within a ​system or ​organization
  • Becalmed -  to stop the progress of
  • Bold - ​strong in ​colour or ​shape, and very ​noticeable to the ​eye
  • Articulate - express or state clearly
  • Enormous -  ​extremely ​large
  • Sustain - to ​cause or ​allow something to ​continue for a ​period of ​time
  • Incapacitate - to make someone ​unable to ​work or do things ​normally, or ​unable to do what they ​intended to do
  • Venture - a new ​activity, usually in ​business, that ​involves ​risk or ​uncertainty
  • Momentum - the ​force that ​keeps an ​event ​developing after it has ​started
  • Sustained - continuing for an extended period or without interruption
  • Impaired - weakened or damaged
  • Indeed - really or ​certainly
  • Holistic - dealing with the ​whole of something (not just a ​part)
  • Payouts - a ​large ​amount of ​money that is ​paid to someone
  • Phasing out - to gradually (step by step) stop using something
  • Threshold - the ​level or ​point at which something ​starts to ​happen
  • Tariff - a tax to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports
  • Crunch - a ​difficult ​situation that ​forces you to make a ​decision or do something
  • Purposefulness - having a purpose.
  • Ascertained - to make ​sure of something

Topic 2 : "Bolivia’s Morales transformation"
  • Morales - moral principles
  • Decry - to ​criticize something as ​bad, without ​value, or ​unnecessary
  • Referendum - a ​vote in which all the ​people in a ​country or an ​area are ​asked t decide an ​important ​political or ​social ​question
  • Illustrative - helping to ​explain or ​prove something
  • Drift - a continuous slow movement
  • Autocracy - government by a ​single ​person that has ​unlimited ​power or ​authority
  • Charismatic - people ​able to ​influence others and ​attract ​their ​attention and ​admiration
  • Mandate - an official order to do something
  • Underlying - used to ​describe something on which something ​else is ​based
  • Stipulate - to say ​exactly how something must be done
  • Tend to - regularly or frequently behave in a particular way
  • Get around something - to find a way of dealing with or avoiding a problem
  • Contemporary - ​existing or ​happening now
  • Diverse - very different
  • Volatility - likely to ​change ​suddenly and ​unexpectedly
  • Backed - supported
  • Insurgency - an ​occasion when a ​group of ​people ​attempt to take ​control of ​their ​country by ​force
  • Consequent - happening as a ​result of something
  • Instability - the state of being unstable
  • Eventually - in the end
  • Culminated - reach a climax
  • Invincible - impossible to ​defeat
  • Indigenous - naturally ​existing in a ​place or ​country ​rather than ​arriving from another ​place
  • Persona - the ​particular ​type of ​character that a ​person ​seems to have and that is often different from ​their ​real or ​private ​character
  • Indistinguishable - impossible to ​judge
  • Rhetoric - speech or writing ​intended to be ​effective and ​influence ​people
  • Utilities - the ​usefulness of something, ​especially in a ​practical way
  • Imperialism - a ​system in which a ​country ​rules other ​countries
  • Stance - a way of ​thinking about something, ​especially ​expressed in a ​publicly ​stated ​opinion
  • Cumulatively - increasing by one ​after another
  • Stability - a ​situation in which something is not ​likely to ​move or ​change
  • In contrast with something - opposite to something
  • Marginalisation - ​the process of treating someone or something as they are not ​important
  • Crippling - to ​cause ​serious ​damage to someone or something
  • Impact - effect
  • Evolving - to develop slowly
  • Ethos -  the set of ​beliefs, ​ideas, etc
  • At a crossroads - to be at a ​stage when you have to make a very ​important ​decision
  • Peasantry - related to the people who owns or ​rents a ​small ​piece of ​land and ​grows ​crops
  • Constituted - to ​form or make something
  • Assertive - confident
  • Ambitious - having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
  • Boom - a ​period of ​sudden ​economic ​growth
  • Evaporate - to ​disappear
  • Slump - to ​fall ​suddenly (prices / values / sales etc)
  • Incumbent - the ​person who has a ​particular ​official ​position
  • Preceding - coming / happening before someone or something
  • Thrown up - to leave the job / stop doing something
  • Moreover - (used to ​add ​information) also and more ​importantly
  • Coalesced - to come or ​grow together to ​form one thing or ​system
  • Solely - only (not ​involving anyone or anything ​else)
  • Introspection - examination of your own ​ideas, ​thoughts, and ​feelings

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