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January 19, 2016

SBI Specialist Officers (IT) Online Exam Review - 1st Shift

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Hi friends, I am Ravi Sankar Reddy Guda. Here I am sharing the SBI Specialist Officers (IT) Online Exam review which was held on 17th January 2016 (1st Shift). As the patter of Specialist Officers exam is same for both SBI and IBPS, I hope this review will be helpful for you in getting the basic idea on upcoming IBPS Specialist Officers online exams. All the Best :)

  • 2 DI
  • 7-8 missing series
  • Quadratic equations-5
  • Probability-2

  • 2 puzzles
  • Syllogisms-5
  • Coding and deoding-5
  • Statements-5
  • Series preceeding immediate type-5
  • Paragraph—10
  • Two blnks sentences-5
  • Cloze test—10
  • Error detection--5

Professional knowledge questions--moderate

  • Primary purpose of executable file is to store which
  • Java software was designed
  • Primary source for test plans in software development project is
  • Concept and purpose of BCP
  • Class A Range
  • Standby Oracle database means
  • 802.11b access point
  • COM means
  • Data warehouse support –OLAP
  • In database 50 row in a table but we have to select 20 rows which operation should be use
  • what is meant by Kernel
  •  TCP and UDP common function
  • Message is convert into non-readable called -encryption
  •  which file is part of oracle data base
  • prototyping is used in which phase of SDLC
  • Purpose of FPA
  • Data Mining tool
  • Shared pool in Oracle 9i
  • All databse users and their default settings what command
  • definition of Cloud Computing
  • What does * indicate in SELECT statement
  • Platform/Operating system services provided by
  • Bits stream movement is function of which layer
  • definition of Spoofing
  • Group of server that share task
  • Security protocols in network layer
  • Information that reflects current changes in Business condition is
  • Test the successful recovery of data from backup
  • Businee of housing,serving and maintain files for one or more websites
  • Which service model allows customer to choose more layers in the compuer architecture
  • In Oracle 9i contains information used by the servers process to validate user privileges
  • One question on SQL Select
  • One question on  query and testing
  • Routing and networking layer
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