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January 15, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 15th January 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 15th January 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Return of terror in Indonesia"

  • Witnessed - to ​see something ​happen (Here : experienced)
  • Campaign - a series of military operations intended to achieve a goal
  • Counter - to ​react to something with an ​opposing ​opinion or ​action
  • Strategy - a ​detailed ​plan for ​achieving ​success in ​situations such as ​war
  • Break up - coming to an end of something
  • Extremists - people who have extreme (illegal / violent) political or religious views
  • Tide - increase in a ​particular ​type of ​behaviour
  • Assault - a ​violent ​attack
  • Rekindled - to make someone have a ​feeling that they had in the past (here : fear)
  • Regrouping - to form into a group again
  • Blamed - declared that somebody or something is responsible for a fault or wrong
  • Apparent - clearly visible or understood
  • Downtown - at the central ​part of a ​city
  • Outlets - a ​shop that is one of many ​owned by a ​particular ​company and that ​sells the ​goods that the ​company has ​produced
  • Evident - clearly seen or understood
  • Inflict - to ​force someone to ​experience something very ​unpleasant
  • Hotspot - a very popular or active place
  • Halted -  to ​stop doing something or ​happening
  • Shootout - a ​fight in which two ​people or two ​groups of ​people ​shoot at each other with ​guns
  • Stepped up - to increase
  • In the wake of something - alerted after something happened
  • Radicalised  - to change a person or group's opinions in a negative way
  • Pose - to ​cause problem / difficulty
  • Reinforce - strengthen or support something
  • Massive - large and heavy
  • Crackdown - to ​start ​dealing with ​bad or ​illegal ​behaviour in a more ​painful way
  • High-stakes - a ​situation that has a lot of ​risk
  • Rejuvenating - make something look or feel better
  • Portray - to ​represent something in a ​specific manner (here : peaceful)
  • Inroads - attacks

Topic 2 :"Stagflation risk ahead"

  • Stagflation - an economic situation in which prices of goods and services continually increase, many people do not have jobs, and businesses are not very successful
  • Contraction - the process of becoming smaller
  • Set alarm bells ringing - an ​occasion when you ​realize that something is ​wrong
  • Slump - to ​fall ​suddenly (prices / sales etc)
  • Magnitude - the ​large ​size or ​importance of something
  • Decline - decrease
  • Proxy - the authority to represent someone else
  • Consensus - a general agreement
  • Bright spot - something that is good when everything else seems bad
  • Precariously - something done in an uncertain manner
  • Key drivers - factors that influences
  • Becalmed - unable to move because of lack of something
  • Roiled - disturbed
  • Sapped - to make someone ​weaker
  • Threatened - to be ​likely to ​cause ​harm or ​damage to something or someone
  • Prospect - the possibility of some future event occurring
  • Sustained - continuing for an extended period or without interruption
  • Intervention - to ​intentionally ​become ​involved in a ​difficult ​situation in ​order to ​improve it or ​prevent it from getting ​worse
  • Faltering - losing strength
  • Mooted - suggested
  • Free fall - the ​process of ​losing ​value or ​strength ​quickly and ​continuously
  • Succour - assistance
  • Outlook - a view
  • Hardly - almost not
  • Plateau - a ​period during which there are no ​large ​changes

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