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December 02, 2015

Success Story of SBI PO 2014

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Hi friends my name is Aakash Arora. As you know i am a probationary officer in state bank of i want to tell you how i become a probationary officer.
  • Name : Aakash Arora
  • Date of  birth : 10.12.1987
  • Graduation : BE (ECE) 2009
  • Designation : State bank of india, Probationary officer (2014)
As many of you don't know I have stammering (speech problem). So this created a lot of problem in getting the job for me. stammering was just like a hell for me. As i did my btech in 2009,there was a complete recession in the market.there was no job in the market.

then  at that time i helped my uncle.they have a tea shop.i helped them in their work.i helped them almost 18 months.after that i got a job in a small company .my salary was only Rs-5000/-. I worked there for almost 16 month. After that i resigned from the job as i saw no growth in this job. I decided to resign from my job and started preparation for govt job. 

I choose banking sector as my dream as i belong to a banking family.I started preparation for bank exam from April 2013.I studied hard for achieving my goal. 

I studied day and night in a closed room.I studied  16 hours a day without thinking about the result. I was totally mad about my dream.The written exams given and cleared by me.
sr no.           Exam name                     YEAR              status
1.               bank of baroda PO              2013            WAITING LIST
2.              INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK PO         2013            INTERVIEW OUT
3.              INTELLIGENCE BUREAU (ACIO)      2013            INTERVIEW OUT
5.              IBPS PO                         2013            INTERVIEW OUT
6.              BANK OF BARODA                  2014            INTERVIEW OUT
7.               SBI PO                         2014            SELECTED ,CURRENTLY WORKING
8.              RBI ASSISATNT                   2014            SELECTED,NOT JOINED.             
9.              IBPS PO                         2014            INTERVIEW NOT GIVEN
10.              SBI ASSISTANT                  2014            INTERVIEW NOT GIVEN
11.            SBI ASSOCIATE PO                 2014            INTERVIEW NOT Given

So friends i struggled a lot to get a job. success is not so easy.You have to fight hard to achieve your
goal.finally i am in state bank in India. friends u would not believe i even cant say "may i come in sir" in interview. I want to help those people who have struggled like me but still don't have a job. frankly speaking you have to forgot everything and  study hard if u want a job.i was determined and passionate about bank job.My dream was only becoming a PROBATIONARY OFFICER. and  right now i am a probationary officer..It means dream comes true.I fulfilled my dream through my hard work.if you want a govt job you have to be passionate about your goal.
I reached at this position through my hard work and my family support.they supported me at every stage that you can do it and finally i did it.Stammering is not a problem  if you are determined about your goal.i did not loose heart after my every interview result .i tried my level best to achieve my dream.My main aim is to tell you that if you are determined about your goal then no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

That's all friends. hope it will inspire you many of you who are looking for bank job.
Aakash Arora

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