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December 21, 2015

Complete Questions asked in SBI Specialist Officers Exam 2015

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Hi friends, I am Ravi Sankar Reddy Guda. Here I am sharing complete questions asked in SBI Specialist Officers online exam held on 14th June 2015. These will help you in getting the basic idea of the question pattern of upcoming SBI and IBPS Specialist Officers online exams. Happy Reading :)

  1. ________is hardware and/or software that is used to protect a computer or private network resources from intruders or hackers.
  2. A hacker that changes or forges information – altering raw data just before a computer processes it and then changing it back after the processing is completed, is engaging in – Data didling
  3. Attack done by checking all possible combinations of letters, numbers and symbols – Brute force attack
  4. An OLAP tool provides for
    1. Multidimensional analysis
    2. Roll-up and drill-down
    3. Slicing and dicing
    4. Rotation
    5. Setting up only relations
  5. Best technologies for in indoors are – IEEE 802.11 a/ IEEE 802.11 b/IEEE 802.11 n/???
  6. Bridge operated in – data link layer
  7. Check digit can detect – transcription error/substitution error..
  8. Connecoin oriented protocol – TCP
  9. Cryptanalysis refers – to the study of ciphers, ciphertext, or cryptosystems (that is, to secret code systems) with a view to finding weaknesses in them that will permit retrieval of the plaintext from the ciphertext
  10. Cryptogrphy is not concerned about – Availability [other options Integrity,privacy,confidentiality]
  11. DBMS not doing – programming data
  12. Disaster recovery risk assessment and business impact analysis (BIA) are crucial steps in the development of a disaster recovery plan.
  13. Encapsulating data inside data link layer with header and trailer
  14. Encrypt using receiver’s public key decrypt using receiver private key – public key and asymmetric key encryption
  15. ER diagram presenting minimum and maximum relation – cardinality
  16. Firewall decision making – Always deny or deny by delay & Accept by exception???
  17. Forcing client package without users knowledge/permission – PUSH
  18. How public keys are shared – via email or digital signature???
  19. Identification – who is this, authentication – what action he has been authorized to perform
  20. In java Objects can communicate with each other – using methods and can call methods in other classes
  21. In the relationship between course and faculty, the course entity would be – Child 22) When overriding a method – method inheritance/method signature/method name ???
  22. Most important thing in disaster recovery?personnel safety???
  23. Not a part of disaster recovery – Proximity of alternate site near primary site???
  24. Notify all stations before transmitting data – CSMA/CD or CSMA/CA
  25. OLTP real time reporting tool – Dashboard
  26. One question about compliance validation and compliance monitoring
  27. Oracle procedure does not contain – RETURN [other options BEGIN END INTO]
  28. Permissible operation when there is a shared lock on DB? Read
  29. Polymorphic virus – associated with code modified differently each time….
  30. Project estimation techniques uses the standards of prior proj experience-??? (options function point,cocomo…)
  31. Providing application access via third party – Software as a service(saas)
  32. Realtime ids system – N/w based IDS??
  33. Removing redundancy in DB – Normalization
  34. RSA – Asymmetric protocol
  35. Security threat associated with java applet – when downloaded and run at client….
  36. Shutdown method in oracle for a consistent backup – Normal [ABORT,Inconsistent..]
  37. Some Oracle 9i buffer question
  38. Strong password/authentication mechanism – Hybrid/static/dynamic/brutal???
  39. The entity relationship diagram – Depicts relationship between data objects
  40. UML Public symbol = +
  41. VLAN referred to as – TRUNKS/ SUBNET???
  42. VPN also called as Tunnel [other options Pipeline,packet switched]
  43. what happens when a error is encounterd during online transaction processing? – review and report??
  44. Which background process performs a checkpoint in the database by writing modified blocks from the database buffer cache in the SGA to the data files? DBWn
  45. Which is not a information analysis system – DBMS?
  46. Which of the below is not an Information system… Database Management System.
  47. Which of the following provide network redundancy in a local network environment?Dual backbone
  48. Which of the following statements is not true about two-tier client-server database architecture? SQL stmnts may be processed on some of the clients
  49. Which one is NOT a phase of the systems development life cycle? – Post Implementation review
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