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December 05, 2015

IBPS Clerk V Preliminary Exam Detailed Review (1st Day 1st Show)

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Hi Fellow Competitors,

This is Ujjal D from Delhi. Am a regular silent follower of Gr8Ambitionz and I never comment on Disqus. Today I had my IBPS Clerk Preliminary Exam in the Morning. (1st Shift). The Exam was Easy when compared to the likes of IBPS PO & SBI PO. I had thought of allotting my time as follows: Eng- 10 Mins. Reasoning & Maths 25 Mins each. But unfortunately I wasted a few minutes in reasoning and ended up with 22 Mins for Maths.

First I did English. Am good at English and usually score well with good accuracy. I don't go for guess work. So did only those of which I was sure about. I did 19 questions. Error Correction, Misspelt/inappropriate word, Cloze test, and Antonym and Synonyms from Comprehension and Only the first sentence from rearrangements.

Then Came Reasoning. Now I had 50 Mins left. Started with Inequality, then looked for Syllogisms which were sadly not there. I answered the miscellaneous question then which were easy from various topics like Blood relations, coding decoding, seating arrangement, etc. I solved a easy puzzle which was a circular table arrangement. 3 Marks were from a Puzzle  on height sort of questions. 5 marks were from number arrangement like five 3 digit no. were given and questions were like Multiply the 2nd digit of the lowest no. with the 3rd digit of highest no. and a question on Symbols and Code with condition like if the 2nd place is a symbol then the last place will also be of the same code.
I did 25 Question in Reasoning.

Now, Came Maths  which is my weakest section. I looked out for Quadratic Equations, but couldn't find. Started with Simplifications-10 questions which were easy not very calculative. And did DI which was Table Based. It was also easy. 2-3 Number Series were also easy but I could not manage and time up. Rest I haven't seen the miscellaneous well as I was in a Hurry looking for easy ones but could see question from partnership, Speed Distance, Train, Age, Work amd time etc. Did Only 12 in Maths.

Overall the paper was easy if compared to IBPS PO Pre or SBI PO Pre. I know that was PO and this was Clerk but you just cannot trust IBPS. I could have done 6-8 questions more if I didn't waste my time in reasoning and should have managed the time a bit better.  60-65 questions can be done if managed the time well. Anyways, I answered a Total of 56 questions with good accuracy. Not completely satisfied though. A bit worried about Maths as the paper was easy, cut of could go a bit High. (Just Assuming). Hope I  just clear the Pre and score well in Mains.

Btw, I attempted 55 in IBPS PO Pre. And got 55.25. I mostly get extra marks, may be due ti accuracy or equi-percentile method. But couldn't clear Mains in Sectional. Cleared Overall Cut Off. This is the case with most of us. So, this is the last opportunity in this year guys. Treat this as your last exam and give your best. Prepare really hard for Mains in this 1 Months time.

I couldn't get through Clerk last year just because of 1 Mark. My marks were 69.60. And cut off was 70.60. Trust me you don't want to experience it. Its really disheartening. A little callousness might cost you a whole year and going through everything allover again. So just prepare well. I Hope to get a job this time.

All the best Guys.

Bye. Take Care. Thank You.
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