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October 14, 2015

How to learn Books and Authors by understanding the facts

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Hhelloo friends ANSHU SHARMA here for you, may be learning authors and their books is not an easy task so by understanding certain facts related   to them can helpp us to learn.So learning 10 books and authors in a day can help us memorize them for a longer time.

so starting with

1. Neither a hawk nor a dove - written by khurshid m kasurii
Facts related -  if you remember the case of throwing of black ink over the organiser on the day of its launch , it was a protest against the pak minister by shiv sena.

2. Red sari - by Xavier Moro
Life story of Sonia Gandhi, related to her life from Italy to Cambridge University, UK, and, eventually, India. one of the most powerful politicians of India, who happens to be of foreign origin.

3. Faces and places by Deepak nayyar
He is a an economist and former vice chancellor of  Delhi university. The focus is on people in their daily lives and on places that are of interest to visitors.


4. Editor Unplugged : Media, Magnates, Netas and Me by Vinod Mehta
He is a founder editor in chief of outlook magazine . he has given his views about nira radia , ratan tata , arvind kejriwal , modi and many more

5. Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy : Speaker’s Perspective - Meira Kumar
This book is easy to remeber meira kumar was former speaker of the lok sabha during manmohan singh jii time .

6. Farishta by Kapil isapuri
I think every one has seen the movie PK, so this book was in conflict with the movie and notice by the Delhi high court was sent to the movie director.

7. Super Economies - Raghav Bahl
The book starts the visit of Prime Minister Modi to the U.S. in September last year , i think everyone is aware of this historic trip.remember madison square.

8. China : Confucius in the Shadows - Poonam Surie
She is a part time professor at  Institute of Chinese Studies in delhi and she has written about  the confucius philosophy which could help current political scene.

9. Delhi to Islamabad- Bhim Singh
This book is an effort by lawyers of India and pakistan which is related to the treatment of pakistan prisoners in indian jails to which needs to be in accordance with the spirit of indian   constitution.
10. Kiran Bedi : Kaise Bani Top Cop (Comic Book) - Reeta Peshawaria Menon and Anu Peshawaria (Kiran Bedi's sister)
every one knows her, kezriwal ji ke against thi during the election from BJP

GUYS i think reading this way may help you to memorize them for long time and doing this way may be definitelyy be helping you

byee friends.

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