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October 12, 2015

General Awareness Topics which should be covered for IBPS mains exam

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Hello guys.. I'm Rahul Rabade from Indore. As our IBPS-Prelim exam has Over. And now it's time to face real fight.. So there is Some important topics related to General Awareness; have a look on it & prepare well.. All The best guys.. Have a good time..

  1. Grand slam winner-runnerups
  2. Bank-HQ-Taglines-newly appointed heads
  3. Financial Organization-head-Hq
  4. State-CM-Governor-Capital
  5. Country-capital-currency
  6. President-PM who recently visited India
  7. Summits-Venue-head
  8. International Organization-Head-Hq
  9. Books- newly launched+ some Importats writers like APJ sahab, Arundhati Roy, VS naipol, Amitav Ghosh; chetan bhagat..
  10. Banking Abbriviations
  11. Different rates Related to Banking field..
  12. Arjun;dronacharya Awardee..
  13. Recent appointment
  14. Recent Died famous persons..
  15. MoU's signed by our Govt to Other countries..
  16. App;schemes launched by Banks,states,central ministry..
  17. Recent news related to GDP forcast, ranking of India n bla bla..
  18. Some Terminology related to banking..
  19. Boundaries b/w countries,classical dances,vitamines scien. Names, stadiums..
  20. National Parks, Nuclear plant, thermal power Plant..
  21. Committees In news..
  22. Sports series cricket,badminton;F1 race winners n bla bla...
  23. Sports Tropies venues FIFA, Worldcups...

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