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August 19, 2020

How to make Eco Friendly Ganesha at Home ?


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Note : This post is not about the Short-Cut tricks or Current Affairs. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience if you felt this post is irrelevant. This is just a post for my blog readers, friends and especially for those people who are the real fans of Ganeshji. A silly attempt to bring back the childhood memories and save the nature (yea, I'm not sure about this... bt hope atleast two or three people will change their mind set).

Today's morning me and my friends made a clay ganesha (Not the one that Parvati made like the legends say, but the simpler Shivani version) that we can make for the puja coming up day after tomorrow, or even for fun. Trust me guys, it will give you great fun (if you have a badmash cousin like mine). I've been making my own clay Ganesha for quite a few years now, a pure nostalgic need that takes me back to my childhood.

There are many videos out there that explain how to make one, but each are slightly different in approach, and materials used. Here are some simple methods to make your own Ganesha. Use whatever works best for you, and don’t forget the single most reason for doing this. No matter how it turns, it is your very own Ganesha, so be proud and have faith. Wish you a good year ahead :)

How to make a Clay Ganesha ?

  • First make two balls one bigger which forms the body and the little ball forms the head.
  • Make two long coils(snakes) for hands and slightly thicker ones for legs.
  • Place the balls one upon another and merge the ends that touch. Attach the legs to the body part and merge them well into the body.
  • Now add the hands to the upper body part and merge them well.
  • Add another coil to the head part to form the trunk. Slightly flatten the free ends of the hands and legs to form palm and feet.
  • Create small balls of clay and flatten them to look like ears. Attach these to the sides of the head and merge the ends very well into the head portion.
  • Now, take a cotton bud dip it in water and try and smoothen out the clay all over. Make sure that you don’t damage the structure, do it very gently. And take care not to use loads of water.
  • Then add two little coils for the tusks. Using a fork make impressions on the ears. Using toothpick mar the eyes, fingers and toes.
  • If you want to be more creative, you can opt for four hands and other additions like jewels. Now leave the Ganesha Idol to dry but not in direct sunlight as cracks may appear. After it dries, you can paint eyes, ‘tilak’, eyebrows etc.

How to make Paper Ganesha ?

Materials needed for Paper Ganesha : Paper, ghati gum, whitening powder, flour, aluminum foil or clay.
  • Depending on the size of your idol, tear waste paper and soak it in water. Once soaked create fine pulp out it by grinding it.
  • Take 150 grams of ghati gum and dilute it in water and mix it with paper pulp.
  • Leave the pulp for a day and on the next day, the pulp will be like chutney. Add some whitening powder to it.
  • Now the pulp will be like chappati atta. Make chappatis out of the atta. And stick them to the Ganesha mould.
  • Now create a flour paste. Cover the mould with two to three layers of flour paste and finally cover it will paper and leave it to dry.
  • Once dried, pull off the protective layer of flour. Use a brush or sandpaper to smoothen the idol.
  • Use water colors to paint them.
  • Draw eyes, eyebrows, tilak and other aspects.
  • Make ornaments, crown and other items using aluminum foil or clay.
If you are interested in carving, you can create Ganesh from vegetables like pumpkin. The choice of the vegetables depends on the size and style of the Ganesha you intend to create. You can also use flowers or rangolis to create Ganesha on the ground or on boards.

Check this... this is made of Paper Boxes.

Here are some videos on Making Clay Ganesha

May everyone will get a successful banking job before we celebrate Him again. I’d be very happy if you could share this with others, so I can take a peek. It’s always heartening to know one’s time was worthy and was of some use. Good Day :)

Shivani Sharma 
17th September 2012

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  1. I Like this post more than your Regular Posts Shivani. Especially the way you motivate others with the Nostalgic touch. Thousand Likes for the awesome post.

  2. Thought provoking with sugar coating... Thank you so much for the post.

  3. Nipost Di. Good Day


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