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August 16, 2015

Today's SSC CGL (Tier I) Exam Experience

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Name : Suresh Urla  (B.Tech)

Center of the Exam : St.Mary Women College, Guntur

Hello Readers !!
   This is SURESH URLA From Nathavaram, Visakhapatnam Dist, presently working in Union Bank of India. Today I appeared for SSC CGL TIER 1 EXAM in Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) in the Morning Shift(10 am).Here I would like to share my Experience so that it would be helpful to all of you .
As soon as I opened my Booklet, I immediately gone to ENGLISH ( I always consider English  is my favrt subject and scoring part).

The Questions are being asked from English are
  • 2 easy and small paragraph passages
  • One word substitutes 10 - easy
  • Spotting errors 10 - moderate
  • Appropriate substitution 10- very easy
  • Antonyms & synonyms - Difficult.
I answered 35 out of 50 accurately...And I am this will be my scoring part.

Next I Turned back to Quantitative Aptitude.
This section is not DAT much difficult..Easy sums and simplifications ..not a time consuming type of prblms.
  1. Bar chart - Easy
  2. Pie- Chart -Easy
  3. Working sums- Easy to moderate
  4. Triangles and trigonometric prblms - Difficult ( I didn't prepare dem) and
  5. Simplifications- moderate.

My overall attempt in this area is 25 accurately .

Next Part I attempted is General Awareness.
Some of the questions being asked are
  1. SIDBI, NABARD Abbrevations
  2. RBI Nationalsed in
  3. One rupee coin bears signature of
  4. Day and night are equal at
  5. Plural voting system
  6. Surplus Budget
  7. Bangladesh was created in
  8. Metal ion present in vitaminB12 is
  9. Atmospheric Layers
  10. Quit India movement started in
  11. First Indian Women President of United National General Assembly
  12. First speaker of Loksabha
  13. Indian National Congress formed in the year
  14. First Nobel prize to Indian is given for
  15. Radioactivity is discovered by
Etc ...So my Attempt was not bad.I accurately attempted around 28-30

And Finally I arrived at Reasoning and I could not manage the time properly..Very less time left , but I quickly answered the questions from reasoning ..

Questions on
Number series, Coding- Decoding,Direction test,non- verbal,and alphabetic questions are being asked .

Even though this section is very Easy, I failed to attempted the questions upto my satisfaction ...If I had manged 10 -15 minutes time properly, I would have done this section well.
However I attempted around 19 questions from Reasoning .

So My overall attempt is nearly 110.And hoping for the Best.

Suggestions :
Please concentrate on Standard GK and standard mathematical prblms. Manage your Time and plan for each section accordingly.
Do nt worry abt low attempted sections...Score as much as you can in the sections which you can do well...! Avoid stress Cooool..Be Happy....You can Surely Crack this EXAM....

Wishing my Readers All the Best....!!!

Thanx for reading My Post.!!

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