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August 09, 2020

Highlights of Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011

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Hi I am Sarath Chandra. Here I am sharing highlights of Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011, which is very important for competitive exams. The Socio Economic and Cast Census 2011 or simply SECC 2011 is a study of socio economic status of rural and urban households and allows ranking of households based on predefined parameters. The SECC 2011 has 3 census components which were conducted by three separate authorities but under the overall coordination of Department of Rural Development in the Government of India. 
  • The Census in Rural Areas has been conducted by the Department of Rural Development (DoRD)
  • The Census in Urban areas is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA)
  • The Caste Census is under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs: Registrar General of India (RGI) and Census Commissioner of India.
The Ministry of Rural Development commenced the Socio-Economic Caste Census-2011 on 29th June 2011 through a comprehensive door to door enumeration across the country. Here are the major highlights of SECC 2011 in competitive exam point of view. Happy Reading :)

Important Highlights of Socio-Economic and Caste census (SECC) 2011:

  • SECC 2011 is unique paperless census
  • This is the first caste census done in independent India
  • The last caste that happen in India is 1932
  • Total households in the country - 24.39 crore
  • The total households in villages - 17.91 crore
  • How many crore households are considered as deprived in rural area - 10.69 crore
  • How many families living in villages belong to SC/ST categories - 21.53% or 3.86 crore
  • Highest number of SC population  - panjab(36.74%)
  • Highest number of ST population - Mizoram(98.79)
  • Highest mobile penetration state in rural areas - UttaraPradesh
  • Lowest mobile Penetration state in rural areas - Chattisgarh
  • How many rural household earn below 5000 rupees month - 13.34 cr
  • How many rural household earn 10000 and more - 1.48 cr
  • Which state has highest number of manual scavenger  - Tripura
  • Which state has zero manual scavenger  - Delhi
  • How much percent of rural households in the country pay income tax  - 4.58%
  • How many households in rural areas are landless - 5.37 crore or 29.97%
  • In which state landness household is higher - Kerala
  • Which states with the lowest rates of landlessness  - J &K and Himachal Pradesh
  • How many families in villages that live in houses of one room with ‘kaccha’ walls and roof - 2.37 crore or 13.25%
  • How many house holds in rural areas has land line phone - 17.85 lak or 1%
  • How many household having mobile phone in villages - 12.24 cr or 68.35%
  • How many illiterate number of people in rural areas - 3.1 cr or 17.31%
  • How many rural household having refrigerator  - 1.97 cr or 11.04%
  • How many rural household paying income tax in India - 6%
  • How many rural people have considered deprived or poor - 8.96 cr
  • No adult member in household between age 18 and 59 in rural areas  - 65.15 lac or 3.64%
  • Female headed household with no adult male member between 16 and 59 in rural areas  - 68.96 lac or 3.85%
  • Member with no other able bodied adult member  - 7.16 lac or 040%
  • Households with no literate adult above age 25 years in areas  - 4.21 cr or 23.52%
  • How many rural household with one salaried member - 2.50 cr
  • Average size of a rural Indian household  - 4.93
  • Highest size of a rural Indian household  - 6.28 ---------Uttara Pradesh
  • Lowest size of a rural Indian household  - 3.86 ----Andhra pradesh
  • How many percent of trans gender in rural population  - 0.1%
  • Highest rural illiterate  - Rajasthan
  • Lowest rural illiterate  - Kerala
  • The percentage of Scheduled Caste (SC) households paying income tax  - 3.49%
  • Scheduled Tribe (ST) tax-paying rural households   - 3.34%
  • Manual casual labour in rural areas - 9.16 cr
  • Cultivation in rural areas - 5.39cr

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