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August 30, 2015

Computer Knowledge Quiz for IBPS Bank Exams - Part 6

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Hi friends,  I am Shravan again. Here I am sharing the Part 3 of Computer Knowledge questions taken from News Papers (read Part 1 from here , Part 2 from here , Part 3 from herePart 4 from here and Part 5 from here ). Happy Reading :)

A task in a blocked state
  1.  is executable
  2.  is running
  3.  must still be placed in the run queues
  4.  is waiting for same temporarily unavailable resources
  5.  none of these

The higher versions of the opera-ting systems are so written that programs designed for earlier versions can still be run. What is it called?
  1.  Upgradability
  2.  Upward mobility
  3.  Universality
  4.  upward compatibility
  5.  none of these

IP address is currently
  1.  4 bytes long
  2.  available in plenty
  3.  6 bytes long
  4.  not assigned as it is all used up
  5.  none of these

Internet data is broken up as
  1.  Fixed length packets
  2.  Variable length packets
  3.  Not packetized
  4.  64 bytes packets
  5.  None of these

The packets of an internet message
  1.  take a predetermined path
  2.  take a path based on packet priority
  3.  go along different paths based on path availability
  4.  take the shortest path from source to destination
  5.  none of these

By an intranet we mean

  1.  a LAN of an organization
  2.  a Wide Area Network connecting all branches of an organization
  3.  a corporate computer network
  4.  a network connecting all computers of an organization and using the internet protocol
  5.  none of these

The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what has to be done, is

  1.  Operation code
  2.  Address
  3.  Locator
  4.  Flip-Flop
  5.  Register

Which of the following systems software does the job of merging the records from two files into one?

  1.  Security software
  2.  Utility program
  3.  Networking software
  4.  Documentation system
  5.  None of these

Fork is

  1.  The dispatching of a task
  2.  The creation of a new job
  3.  The creation of a new process
  4.  Increasing the priority of a task
  5.  None

Computer is free from tiresome and boardroom. We call it

  1.  Accuracy
  2.  Reliability
  3.  Diligence
  4.  Versatility
  5.  None of these

 CD-ROM is a

  1.  Semiconductor memory
  2.  Memory register
  3.  Magnetic memory
  4.  All the above
  5.  None of these

To produce high quality graphics (hardcopy) in colour, you would want to use a/n
  1.  ROB monitors
  2.  Plotter
  3.  Ink-jet printer
  4.  Laser printer
  5.  None

Which of the following IC was used in third generation of computers?
  1.  SSI
  2.  MSI
  3.  LSI
  4.  Both a and b
  5.  None of these

On which of the following sites can you set up your email account
  5.  none

The acronym NOS refers to the :
  1.  Operating system on the clients
  2.  Network order system, or top-ology
  3.  Operating system of the network
  4.  network architecture
  5.  none of these

The most common network strategies are  ________
  1.  star, ring, bus, hierarchical
  2.  terminal, peer -to-peer, client server
  3.  topology, protocol, architecture
  4.  host, client, terminal
  5.  none of these

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