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August 28, 2015

Classification of Indian Missiles

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Hi I am Sarath Chandra.. Here I am sharing classification of Indian missiles. Happy reading :)

Classification of Indian missile

Air to Air
Astra----------60-80 km
K-100---------300-400 km

Surface to Air
Akash-------30-35 km
Barak 8-----100 km
Trishul------9-12 km

Surface to Surface
Agni 1------700-1250 km
Agni 2------2000-3000 km
Agni 3------3500-5000 km
Agni 4------3000-4000 km
Agni 5------5000-8000 km

Prithvi 1------150 km
Prithvi 2 ------350 km

Dhanus ------350-600 km

Prahaar (Pragathi) ------ 150 km

Shaurya ------ 750-1900 km

Submarine Ballistic Missiles
Sagarika ------ 700-1900 km
K-4 --------------3500-5000 km
K-5 --------------6000 km

Anti tank Missiles
Nag --------------4 km
HELINA(HELIcopter launched NAg) ----- 7-8 km

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