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August 13, 2015

A short conversation wit my future colleagues - Alex Christo

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Hi frnds Canara bank first batch clerks hav joined last week Monday(3rd august) and we are eagerly expecting the PO batch  soon…   A couple of weeks back I had a conversation with 2 Canara bank PO guys..  so thought of sharing here a few things I remember which might be useful to a few of u:)

Both of them were allotted canara bank by ibps po-3.. One guy is from Kerala and d other one is from Odisha. Being young champs they were so energetic and very friendly to me..


They said training will be for 15 days and d venue depends on d state we belong to, mostly in one of d important cities of our state.. Mostly training will be in Chennai for TN, Bangalore for Karnataka, Hyderabad for AP/Telegana, Trivandrum for Kerala, etc.. But it could vary also because d Odisha guy had training in Hyderabad(2nd r 3rd batch) since clerk training was also going on tat time.. The keralite had it in Bangalore.. He also added all girls had training in Trivandrum while boys alone had it in Bangalore!!
Note : They said training will be in be a star hotel and we well definitely enjoy those 15 days for sure :-)


Normally girls will have posting in their state itself probably very near 2 their home town!!! Chances are there for boys to be posted in other states but might get in home state itself if we are lucky. He added tat I might get in TN itself being a south Indian.. More chances for north Indians (specially boys) to be posted in south.  Both of them had their first posting in TN - Coimbatore circle only. So basically posting (especially boys) depends on the state we are from!!


They hav 2 years probation and the same can be there for us too… Probably we might be transferred 6 months or 8 months once during our probation but in the same circle only.. For instance this is the second branch for them and for both of them d first branch was in d same circle only(Coimbatore) After probation we will become a confirmed officer but d same salary only..


We will be asked to pay Rs. 25000 initially and we will hav a bond wherein we hav 2 pay certain amount(the odisha guy said Rs. 1 lakh but he wasn’t sure) if we break the bond and leave the job during our probation

Work Timings

Basically it depends on the branch we are allocated and obviously the Branch Manager too.. It seems in the earlier branch  he used to leave by 7.30 or 8 pm but now in this branch by 6.30 pm itself since the BM is very jovial and friendly.. Infact the BM offered me Tea & snacks and interacted cordially with me for a few mins.


The keralite showed me his June month salary statement and his inhand salary was approximately Rs.26K and he said adding other perks he will get nearly 30K per month.  He also added tat salary revision was implemented for clerks alone in June and he might be getting his revised salary for July:-)

Note : He said after revision he might get around 35K instead of 30K he was getting earlier!!!

I hope not only d canara bank selected guys but everyone aspiring to become PO (specially canara po) will find this useful.. All the very best frnds :-)

Alex Christo 
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