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July 29, 2015

NICL Assistant Interview Experience - Umesh Ghosi

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Hi friends I am Umesh . On 28th of July. I gave  interview for the post of assistant

Venue was Hotel best western Indore.

Document verification then CPT very easy. 5 - 6 lines to type in word and a 5x3 Table.

after CPT my name was called.
Asking permission i entered the room and fullfilled all the formalities.
3 Members in panel two sirs and mam.

Now game started
So you are an electronics and communication engineer?

why do you want to work as an assistant?

Did't you think you are overqualified for this post?

Tell me abot recent insurance shcemes?

Tell me what you know about insurance?

thank you Mr. Uuuuumesh you can go now.

i said have a nice day and left the room.

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