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July 29, 2015

My NICL Assistant Interview Experience

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I am Jeyakumar K from Tenkasi (Tamil Nadu). I had my Nicl assistant interview Yesterday.
Here is my experience. 

Name : Jeya kumar 

Interview Date : 27/07/15 

Time : 1.30pm 

Place : Nicl regional office,Coimbatore 

Committee : 1 

I reached the venue at time. Certificate verification going smoothly. Then 1st
 I gave CPT test for
20mins which consists of a paragraph to write with MS word and another table with calculations by
MS exel..they are very friendly and helped to everyone.

Interview (20 Mins)
I entered into the interview room having (1f & 3M)
U are a mechanical engg,why you choose insurance?
If all the engineers came to banking,insurance industry then who will save,protect our science
Do u feel Engg is over qualification for assistant job?
What do u know about insurance?
Insurance definition?
What are the products offered in Nicl?
Tell me the full concept of life insurance?
Who inspired you to insurance company?
What is the differ b/w speed post & ordinary post?
Tell me about PMSBY?
What are the tourist places in your area?
Ques about kerla,Andhra?
Ques about education minister and recent controversy?
External affairs minister and controversy?
What is your hobby? What are the exams you qualified?interview attended?
Do you have any working knowledge in comp?explain.
If you survive on this company a long time,if u get?
That’s all
If I say don’t know for any question , they explained me briefly and made me feel free.
Finally I greeted all of them and they congratulated me ALL THE BEST..

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