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July 28, 2015

Interview experience (NICL ASSISTANT )

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I am Manas Ranjan Das from Odisha (Bhubaneswar). I had my NICLAssistants Interview Yesterday. Here is my Experience.

Name : Manas Ranjan Das

Interview Date : 27/07/15

Interview Time : 10.30

Place- Hotel swasti Grand
           janpath bbsr

I reached at vanue at time.then prepared the required documents.
1st I gave computer test for 20 mnt which consists of a paragraph to write with MS WORD and another table with calculation by MS EXEL.
After 10 mnt it was my interview turn.
I entered the interview rum having 3 pannel (1 lady (from Calcutta) in middle others two gents(odia)).

-----Interview (20 mnt)------
Mam-so your name is Manas.
Me-yes mam.
Mam-u r selected for assistant. So tell me the role of an assistant in an insurance company.
Me-i told briefly.
Mam- you are a BTECH graduate. Why u choose this line.(most common questions for BTECH students)
Me- actually I was selected through campus recruitment in college. But company was not so from that I hv bn  preparing for competitive exams.
Mam- ok.manas! Tell me what is ur strength.
Me- I like smart working. Am very honesty as well as committed to my work. Am like to be updated what  is going on... Around me  and in the world.
Mam -ur weakness?
Me- mam, my weakness is my cellphone.

Sir1-cell phone or smartphone.
Me-sry sir, smartphone.
Sir1-what is the difference between cell phones and smartphone.
Me-i have told.
Sir1- (he asked about mobile operating systems and apple..... Electronic related questions, social sites.... Etc and I hv described briefly) 
Sir2- manas,tell me what is an insurance.
Me- Insurance is a contract between......
Sir2- recently which exam you gave???
Me- sbi PO main sir. It was in yesterday.

They explained me briefly what actually the job and how you can grow up from assistant.... And at dat Tym I felt I hv got the job....(.joking)

.....thanks friends.. 4 reading my review... Hope it will help future assistant interview.....

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