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July 08, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 61

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What does "Satyamev Jayate" mean ?

What is the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh ?

Which cricketer has been declared the "Cricketer of the Twentieth Century" by the ICC ?

Which place in Andhra Pradesh boasts of stone carving ?

The words "Satyamev Jayate" come from which Upanishad ?

Which carnivorous plant can shut tight after trapping an insect ?

Where is the seat of Roman Catholic faith ?

Which museum houses the world famous "Mona Lisa" ?

Which festival celebrates Sakhya Muni's birth, enlightenment and attainment of Nirvana ?

What kind of embroidery belongs to the nomads and gypsies of Andhra Pradesh ?

What is the National Flower of India ?

What game was Dhanraj Pillay associated with ?

Name the kind of drums that are played in pairs usually by keeping them between the knees and playing with hands ?

In which book did the hero reach a place with tiny people called Lilliputians ?

Name the largest flying bird ?

Which is the largest Island ?

Which dance form of south India has dancers wearing heavy makeup and colorful costumes ?

Name the surgeon who performed the first heart transplant operation.

Name the author of "Malgudi Days" ?

To which place do the Muslims go on a pilgrimage every year ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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