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June 11, 2015

Success Story of Kumar Rohit

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Name : - Kumar Rohit

Qualification : - B.E. (Computer Sc.), PGDBM (IT)

Prior Work Experience: - Worked for 3 years in software companies

Appeared in exams between 2010-2011
  • United Bank of India( IT-Officer)
  • NABARD Grade- B ( IT Officer)
  • SSC Graduate Level
  • RBI Grade B
  • CANARA BANK (IT-Officer)
  • Intelligence Bureau (ACIO)
  • Allahabad Bank IT Officer
  • Syndicate Bank PO
  • Bank of India PO
  • New India Assurance (SO)
  • PNB IT Officer
  • SBI Associate (Asst. Manager-Systems)
  • IBPS-2011 PO
  • NIC Scientist ‘A’ & ‘B’
  • UCO Bank IT Officer
  • SBI, Assistant Manager (Systems)
  • IBPS-2011 SO
  • Central Bank IT Officer
Qualified in written:-
  • United Bank of India ( IT-Officer)
  • NABARD Grade- B ( IT Officer)--PRELIMS
  • SSC Graduate Level—PRELIMS (99/200)
  • CANARA BANK (IT-Officer)
  • Intelligence Bureau (ACIO)
  • New India Assurance (SO)
  • SBI Associate (Asst. Manager-Systems)
  • IBPS-2011 PO (164/250)
  • NIC Scientist ‘A’
  • SBI, Assistant Manager (Systems)
  • IBPS-2011 SO (146/200)
  • Central Bank IT Officer
Final Selections;-
  • Intelligence Bureau (ACIO)
  • SBI, Assistant Manager (Systems)
  • IBPS PO (5 Banks)
Currently posted as Asst. Manager (Systems) in SBI, Head-office Mumbai.

My success story goes like this :

       After completing Management in 2006, I was looking for some good assignments in software industries as business analyst. I landed into an Australian based MNC through off-campus as my first job after having 4 rounds of rigorous tests & interviews. I was not quite happy as the package was average. During 1st year, I tried to give my best in order to fetch handsome appraisal in coming year but again that was not satisfactory.

Out of frustration I left the company in merely 1 year and join another company with some increment. Initially I was satisfied but in 2008 there was a strong recession and I was denied bonus and increments. There were no opportunities left in the market also. As a result another 2 years of stagnancy in my career. It appears to me as life has came to an stand-still position where you have no options left  instead of continuing with a lowly paid executive job, which nearly landed me in depression.

 One day I just took leave from my work and thought for a whole day that what is getting wrong here. I argued with myself that what is the advantage of sticking to the job which you actually do not like, is it just salary only or something else that is disturbing factor here. I finally concluded with the fact that monetary benefit is other thing while the most important factor is job satisfaction which I was not finding there at all.

During this period I also got married but was unable to balance my married life with my job.

One day I took a bold step and resigned from company and came back home in order to prepare for Govt.  Sector Jobs.

My family criticized lot for this action except my wife who only supported & encouraged me. I became the matter of discussion everywhere in the circle of family and relatives but who cares, my aim was to get into some prestigious Govt. /Public Sector jobs and spend quality life while serving the country.

 It was an ordeal of 2 years of preparation and self study but I really enjoyed by fighting all odds (financially & morally) to finally succeed. I must convey this message to the younger generation, who have decided for government Jobs that hard labour & preservence is only the key to success. Once aimed for it one should not lose its focus, mere failure in 1 or 2 attempt should not provoke you to quit. In order to make your success more meaningful you should need to fail initially so that the failure will become blessing in disguise to achieve sure success in future.

 In span of two years I appeared in a long haul of nearly 20 competitive exams and cleared 12 written and got 7 final selections and that too without any formal coaching, just little guidance from my friends/teachers and of course the best resource of this age....the Internet.


“Success is that deodorant, which takes your all past smells away”.

“When you feel like quitting, just remember why you have started”

With all these to say, I conclude this story here.

All the best to the aspirants!!

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