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June 25, 2015

Questions Asked in SBI PO Prelims 2015 : Detailed Analysis

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Hi frnds hope u hav read many reviews and know d exam pattern very well now..  Many managed to do more than 70 questions but I viewed only 73 questions due to lack of time management.  So as everyone say  “Time management” is d key and do plan ur strategy well like wat r d questions u r gonna attend in every section & also d time allocation for every section..  I would just like 2 share a few questions of my (& my few frnds) exam based on memory as it might help a few attending exam this weekend :)


Reading comprehension : The first question was like what does d phrase “A far cry from “ in  passage  means?? Then synonym of Dexterity and Antonyms of  Incremental, swiftly, etc.. were asked.  And in frnd’s exam meaning of phrase “ wading through”,synonym of Obvious,antonym of  Futile were asked..


Linear Arrangement :
1. E F G H P Q R and S are eight persons sittiing in a straight line facing north but not necessarily in the same order. H sits fourth to the left of Q and either H or Q sits at the extreme ends of the line.. G sits third to the left of Q. E is second to the right of S and S is not a neighbor of Q.  F & P are immediate neighbors to each other and F doesn’t sit near G.
2. There are Eight persons ABCDSTUV sitting in a row facing north.. T is on the extreme left end and there are three person between T and S. only one person sit between S and A. B is second to the left of S. C is not on immediate neighbour of S and A. D is Second to the right of C. U is not at the extreme end.
Directions :  Point C is 35 kms to the west of point D. Point C lies 25 kms north of point A. Point B lies 60 kms east of point A. Point E and F lie on either side of B at a distance of 50 kms from each other with B in centre. Point E is to the north of B.  Point E is how many kms far and in which direction from point D??


Quadratic Equations :
1.  x^2 = 81 ; y^2 +18y+81=0
2. x^2 +15x+36=0 ; 5y^2+29y+36=0
3.  x^2-22x+117=0
4. 3x^2+14x+15=0
Number series :
1.   13   13   19.5   39   97.5   ?
2.  3.3   6.9   13.2   17.1   23.2  ?
3.  24   12   12   18   ?   90
Arithmetic :
1.  There are 5 red,5 black,5 green balls in a bag. If 2 balls are drawn at random what is the probability that at least 1 is green?
2. A person buys a product & sells it at a discount of 20% which leads to a loss of 10%. If the MRP of the product is 4800 what percentage should be discounted from MRP by the person in order to get a profit of Rs. 440?
3.  A person invested an amount in SI in two different schemes. For 8 years scheme A offers 6% rate of interest and B offers 8% rate of interest respectively. The difference between the interest of these two schemes is 1280.. Then wat will be the SI for certain years at certain rate of interest (My frnd couldn’t recollect the exact figures of the final question)

Few suggestions :

1. As I usually say just think ur exam time as 55 mins only split up ur sectionwise time accordingly and d buffer 5 mins use it at d last 2 score more in ur stronger section..
2.  As u hav gone thru many reviews posted by our frnds just go on wit a plan like wat are the questions u r gonna attend in each section & d time allocated for each of them.. Leaving almost 10 ques in each section I had a plan of trying only 70 questions.
3. English : Just go on wit the cloze,fillers, error spotting and synonyms,antonyms of Comprehension.  Based on ur skill set  & If time available u can try jumbled sentence..
4. Reasoning :  First solve inequality, syllogisms, linear arrangement, coding & decoding, blood relation & directions. This itself will get u 25 marks. As everyone say skip d circular arrangement and solve the floor puzzle lastly if u wish 2 solve it..
5. Maths :  First just go on for the Approximate calculation,DI, Number series, Quadratic equation,etc.. Rest u can solve if u hav time..  And my suggestion is just like 3 meals a day till exam practice 3 times a day these quant topics(at least 10 questions each time). So u might hav solved more than 50 questions in each topic before exam & surely u will score at least 15 out of these 25 questions.

And special thanxs 2 my frnds Riti,Ramu & Yamuna for their contribution:) All d very best frndz!!!

Note : As its purely based on memory kindly forgive me errors if any:)

Alex Christo

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