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June 15, 2015

If I can,then You too can...!!

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Hello friends, this is Jisha again..but this time with another story..:D...After a lot of failures in 2013..mixture of pass & fail status in 2014..i got the final 'pass' status for IBPS PO-IV.If I can,then You too can...!! It was my first PO exam as i was not eligible for CWE-III process due to date of completion of degree issue.It was not at all easy..i wrote many exams..and cleared a few.For bank exams I learned basics from gr8ambitionz...then only i moved to books.I took almost all quiz provided by Gr8ambitionz.

How I prepared ?

This is something varies from person to person.But still,i wish to say this here and i believe that it will help at least one person who reads this.It was in July 2014,i was all set to prepare for IBPS.Before this,i had written IBPS SO in feb.2014,after this i was sure of clearing sectional cut offs but i knew very well that i will not clear overall cut off.But i was eager to get the results as it shows my level of preparation.I got only 78 marks but it boosted my confidence.So i was clear that i knew how to solve the questions.I subscribed Mahendra's Speed Tests and started giving those + when i get bored with this,i go back to SO paper set and solve those again..My AIR was in 5 figures in july-august.Then i realised that i am using the wrong strategy for solving a paper.Then i approached the paper in a different way...and my AIR came down to 3 digits finally...:D


I was like solve as it comes.But then i decided to solve quadratic inequalities,D.I & data sufficiency.I was very slow but 100% accurate in Maths.Later again i changed my plan as D.I,Inequalities & D.S. 80 % of D.I given by Mahendra's were easy,but lengthy.So i went back to my old SBI PO paper set and solve D.I every day for 30 minutes(from august till exam).My focus was mainly in clearing sectional cut off for Maths.Even though i had M.Tyra's books,for IBPS i solved only D.I & a few D.S from it.


I was fond of seating arrangement & puzzles..:D...later it started consuming hours & hours.Initially,i was not thorough with some topics...for that i used Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey.My plan was to solve syllogism,input-output,data sufficiency,inequalities,blood relations(if any),puzzles(depends on level of difficulty),miscellaneous(coding-decoding,direction test etc.).This was not the order of questions,instead it was only these questions to be solved.During home practice,i solved statement-inference type too...but for actual exam i clicked the option only if i was  sure.


It was an average section for me...but still,i read The Hindu paper for 2 months(August & September).I didn't change my plan which was to attend Comprehension if i understand the given paragraphs and also the grammar part.I skipped sentence rearrangement in actual exam as i never get it all correct...:D


It was my strong section...but Mahendra's  computer questions were tough most of the times...It really helped me.Also,i took quiz provided by gr8ambitionz.

Banking & Current Affairs

Banking was always a difficult section..But i brought Mahendra's Banking & Financial Awareness book.I read that one along with gr8ambitionz notes for banking...which were enough for IBPS.Also i took banking quiz by and

The current affairs was not a difficult deal for me.I used to read newspaper everyday(but no note making & all).Then i took all the quiz provided by gr8ambitionz.My issue was i couldn't remember taglines of banks and days & dates..for which i read it many times.

Then my exam strategy was to solve Computer->G.A->English->Reasoning->Maths.In my opinion,everyone must plan all these before hand and practice following that strategy.Also,in pagalguy i got a group of people who are taking Mahendra's speed we used to share scores and all..which helped a lot.


Then the interview part,i was scared as i knew nothing about bank interviews.So i went for interview class at Institute of Banking Studies.It was really helpful.But soon i realised that i lack somewhere.I read all intrvw experiences from here...found answers to all possible questions.But i had to face more situation based questions.My tip is that never loose confidence at any stage..My SSB experiences helped me a  lot to face such situation questions.And with all these platforms,i got selected as PO in Syndicate Bank..and joined there last month.I am much thankful to Shivani Ma'm who was there with me in my ups and downs(mainly..:P).Thanks for reading this and All the best to all..(Y)

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