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June 30, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 59

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Which birds are flying mammals ?

Mout Abu, the hill station, is in which state ?

In which country was the first medical school found ?

When was the state emblem adopted by the Govt of India ?

Which is the smallest country ?

What are crops that are grown to be part of everyday meal called ?

Which award did Milkha Singh turn down in 2001 ?

Which state is famous for jewellery in Maharashtra ?

Which place in Telangana boasts of Ikat weaving handloom ?

Name the mythical animal that ignites itself before it is born again from its ashes ?

Name the science that deals with the study of Birds ?

In how many years are special Olympic world games held ?

In which year did Indian hockey team win its last gold medal ?

When were the first hang gliders flown ?

Who was the first Indian to have received the Nobel Prize for Literature ?

Name the great Maratha leader under whose leadership the Marathas gained prominence ?

Which is the largest country ?

What does the abbreviation 'st' stand for in Cricket ?

Who wrote "the Immortals of Meluha" ?

Which musical instrument is Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma assoicated with ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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