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May 25, 2015

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experience from Mumbai

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Name : Naina

Qualification : Graduate 

Centre : Mumbai

Date : 18/05/2015

Time : 9:00AM

Interview Time : 10:35 to 10:55

Panel:5-4 M ,1 F
greeted and M4 told me to sit down.
M1:About yourself?-Replied
What is CCapital market-Sorry Sir I dont know
M2:Plastic Money-Replied
M4:What is your city fmous for-replied but different answer
M1 : Is Malls famous(shocked)
M4:Which are Developmental banks?-replied
M1:Do you have bank account?-replied
M2:What is digital banking?-replied
M1:What is green banking-Sorry sir
F5:Who is deputy gov-replied
F5--Who is Road minister-Sorry Mam I dont know
F5-PM of India-Replied
F5:What is devaluation of money?-Replied
M4:Full form of Sidbi-Replied
M1:What are your Hobbies?-Replied
M1: Question related with hobby-Didnt knew answer-Said dont know
M1:You may go now
Thank You Everyone.Have a nice day.They also greeted
M!(while leaving):Do you know local language-Replied in local language yes.
My interview ended.
Dont get nervous.Answer with enthusiasm.

Guys you can give me feedback . Thanks

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