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May 23, 2015

Sbi Associate Clerk Interview Experience - Aashish Kumar

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Hello friends this is Aashish Kumar. I want to share my interview experience of sbi associate clerk.
Venue Hotel nahar Heritage Bangalore Date 19.05.2015 Time 9:00 Panel 6

I reached the venue half an hour before scheduled time.Then at 9:00 am they told us to go on 4th floor in auditorium hall.I am waiting for my turn i saw many people didn't came with all documents.they are taking undertaking from those candidates.then my turn came. It will take hardly 3-4 min to me for document verification as i had all documents arranged in a proper way. Sir told me you are very neat guy they told me very good gentleman. I was feeling very happy at that moment when i am leaving the table sir said me good luck and have a handshake with me. I feel blessed (Thanku Sir)

After that i was waiting for my turn and when clock struk 12:25 they called me and i was wating outsite the pannel room after  that they rung the bell and i entered in the room. There was 1 F and 4 M members. 

Firstly i wish gud morning to chairman sir then mam then all sirs.
they told me to have seat i said thanku then after that ques session starts
M1 Chairman : So Your father is senior Manager In Psb is in which bank
Me:  I told united bank of India.

 M1 Headquater of that bank?
Me : Answered

M1  Chairman of that Bank?
Me: Answered

M1 In which year Bank get Nationalised ?

M1 In which year united bank of India Got Nationalised ?
Me: Told sorry sir As i didn't know.

M1 In which branch your father is posted?

M1 Then they asked recent gov has changed the rules for the post of MD nd CEO of bank what was that?
Me: Bhul gya mai kuch yaad hi ni aa raha tha then i said sorry sir.

M1 What was the role of bank in foreign trade?
Me: Answered

finally Passed to M2
M2 Well Your father is in bank he told me apke papa ne toh btaya hga  what is LC?
Me: Sorry then he told me letter of credit again i said sorry sir I don"'t know.

M2 What Is BG?
Me: Isaid sorry then he told me bank gurantee.again i said sorry sir

M2 What is slr explain?
Me: Told

M2 what is crr?
Me : Told

M2 current value of slr and crr?
Me: told

M2 Bank ko kese profit hta hai?
Me: told

passes to M3

M3 kya padh k aaye ho beta
Me: i told him some banking terms and current news some sub related ques.

M3 what is Npa?
Me: told

M3 How NPA got recovered?
Me: Told

passes to F1

F1 what is banking ombudsman?
Me: Told

F1 what is diff between rrb and nationlased bank

F1 any rrb near your hometown?
Me: Told

F1 Sponsorship of that bank?
Me told

passes to M4

M4 Rbi ka naam sune ho kya h btao?
Me: Told

M4 Rbi ka function?
Me: Told

M4  2013 se ab tak kya kiye?

M4 Btech k baad bank m q aana chahte ho?
Me: Told the reason.

M4 Are u trying for any software job?
Me: I told no sir.

then he told ok Aashish u may leave now
After thanking to them I came out of the room.

So this is my experience,  I hope its helpful for you .. My Interview was totally based on Banking question. I want to ousay you all that don't get panic.Be calm and confident Thank you

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