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May 25, 2015

Interview Experience of SBI ASSOC Clerk - Somasundaran

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Name : Soma Sundaran

Place : SBI learning centre,Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Time : 12 noon..

Panel : No Number (because only one panel was there) :p

Absentees : 3

1 and half hours later..... :P

Hero of this story :P (me) : may i come in sir..
Panel members:yes please..

Me:good noon sir,good noon mam..
M1:Take ur seat
Me: Thank you sir..

M1:so you are mr.somasundaran, completed ur engg at 2011..wat were u doing all these days..?
Me:after completing my BE,i were searching for a job,then i served as a intern in an company for 7 months and then got an opportunity at banglore.There i worked for 1 and half years and resigned my job and for past one year am writing bank exams..

M1:why have u resigned and why havnt u mentioned this in bio data?
Me:They want me to go abroad for further projects so i have resigned and i dont have experience certificate so i have not mentioned..

M1: ok (he was satisfied some how).
Who is the vice president of india?
Me: my mind totally forgotten the name 'ansari' (I was searching heavily in all folders of my brain,Really felt ashamed for not telling this :( )

M1:(skipped to next question,this time question was from hobbies).so u r interested in guitar ryt? Can u tell me where this instrument originated and
Who is ur inspiration..?
Me: sorry sir,i dont know about the origin,my inspiration is music composers like AR rahman and especially harris jayaraj.

M1:ok fine (passed to M2)
M2: now planning commision has been replaced by?
Me: NITI ayog sir.
M2: who is the chairman and vice chairman?
Me: its our honourable prime minister narendra modi and mr.Aravind panagariya.
M2: ok can u tell me the members of niti ayog
Me:sorry sir i dont know the names.
M2:you need not tell the name just tell me who all be the members..
Me:some union ministers,then....
M4:common u started well..
Me:sorry not sure..
M2: who elects the members of rajya sabha?
Me: members of legislative assembly.
M2 passed to M3
M3:so who is your favourite singer
Me: ar rahman and shreya goshal
M3:But arr has sung only less songs..
Me: ya sir..but i like his voice very much
M3:ok next to ar rahman?
Me: SP.Balasubramaniyam sir

M3 passed to M4:
M4: (on seeing my hobbies again)
So u like to plant saplings ryt?
Wat type of trees u plant and where u planted..
Me: neam tree (also told some trees in tamil).i have planted in my area.
M4: how much u have planted till now and r u in any environment organisation?
Me: around 20.No sir,on my own..
I will continue planting more in future.

M4 passed to F1
F1: u can leave. (one of the nice questions i felt) :P

Then thanked everyone and left..
F1 smiled at me when i thanked her..
I dont know whether that was a positive sign or negative sign.. :)

Concentrate well on current affairs along with your hobbies. Anyhow questions differs for every individual..
All the best friends..

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