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May 13, 2015

Interview Experience of SBI Associate Clerk

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Hi friends,

I am Prashant Kumar. I had worked in an IT company for 3 years.

I would like to share the Interview experience held at the SBI Leaning Center at Basvangudi, Bangalore.

Reporting time at 9:00 am, reached there at 9:30am. Doc verifi went on till 12 pm. My turn for interview came at 2:30pm.

 Entered  the room, greeted all the members by wishing them goodmorning.

M1: what is  your name?
Ans: My name is …
M1: U are a Rastrapati awardee in Bharat Scouts and Guides. Can you tell me why Scouts and Guides has not reached its peak in India?
Ans:Sir, the reason for this would be lack of the Govt support.
M2(madam): You studied in PESIT. Its an autonomous college. Then why did you write VTU in Biodata form?
Ans: Madam, when I was studying in year 2010, it was under VTU. It got Autonomous tag in 2011.

M2: what are the criteria for  getting Autonomous Tag?
Ans: Madam, firstly it depends on the placement facilities and the Quality of the faculties.

M2: Any other criteria?
Ans: mmm…I don’t know madam.

M2: How did u get into IT?
Ans: I got thru ON-Campus placement.

M2: Then Why did you leave the company?
Ans: ..(paused for 3 sec)…Job security madam. We never know when the recession might occur again.

M3: (looking at bio-data) since you have spent ur schooling days in metropolitan city bangalore. If the post is in rural areas, will u work there?
Ans: (paused for 3 sec)… To be a better person, u need have interaction with society, which can happen only if we get an opportunity like this. Yes Sir, I am willing to work in rural areas.

M4: What is Hard currency?
Ans: (paused)…No sir, I don’t know.

M4: your salary account belonged to which bank?
Ans: Sir, SBI.

M4: what are different accounts in that?
Ans: Savings, Current and CASA.

M4: How banks will provide loans ..what is the source for banks to provide loans?
Ans: The people deposit their money into the accounts. This acts as liabilities and in turn help the bank to provide loans to people.

M4: What are the different deposit schemes in banking?
Ans: (paused)..Sir, I don’t know.

M4: Which paper do you read?
Ans: Vijay Karnataka and Prajavani…He asked me to read the headline..I read it, but with slow speed and one mistake.

The End..the time was 3:00pm.
I thanked them for the Interview.

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