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May 19, 2015

Sbi Associate Clerical Cadre Interview Experience

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Hello friends, my name is Sakshi.  I'm from punjab and sharing my SBI Associate Clerical interview experience. This was my 2nd interview after Ibps Clerk IV.

Venue : SBI Zonal buisness office
(Ludhiana, Punjab)

Date : 18-05-2015

Time : 9.00 AM

Panel : 1

I reached at the interview centre on 08.30 nd we were asked to sit in a room. Exactly 9:00 we entered into the office.
Document verification started.
Mine turn was 2nd.
(Document verification was according to turn for interview)
we were asked to sit outside the Interview room.interview started at 9:50 A.M
after few mins. i was callled.

(Attention: Fill specially you hobbies and your Extra Curriculum activities crucially, there were questions from these 2 sections for me.)

Me: May I come in, Sir?
There were 4 Males and 1 female member in panel.
M1: Yes Please come in
Me: Thank you (Smiled and closed the door carefully)
Me: Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sirs (again smiled while looking at everyone)
M1: nodding...please sit.
Me: Thank you sir,
M1: What is your qualification?
Me: Sir, B.SC, B.Ed
M1: which subjects eu have studied in B.Sc?
Me: Sir, Physics,Chemistry,Maths.
M1 Ok..So if eu get a chance to teach in a school which subject would eu prefer to teach? Science Teacher e bnogi na to btao kaun sa subject prefer krogi? (Repeating ques in hindi :-P)
Me: Sir, i will prefer...Science.
M1. ok to science mein kaun subject? Physics or Chemistry?
Me: Sir, Chemistry.
Me: Then tell me What are Inert Gases?
Me: Explained. (I was sure they will ask from periodic table. so was Well prepared)
M1: Name Noble Gases.
Me: said.
M1. what a group no. indicates in periodic table?
Me: explained.
M1: Name the group 1 elements.
Me: Said serial wise
M1: Very gud Sakshi tell me How many valance electrons are in Group 1 Elements?
Me: said.
M1: What is the position of Iron Cobalt and Nickel in periodic table?
Me: explained well. he looks completely satisfied.

Then M1 passed to F1, Sitting 2nd to left of me.

F1: eu have written Internet Surfing In Hobbies? Tell me what is firewall?
Me: Explained in brief.
F1: explaining about firewall...what are spamming and trozen horse?
Me: Viruses.
F1: Name other Viruses.
Me: Worm....that time i could remember only one but she said gud :P
F1: full Form of Virus?
Me: Said...(achi trah ratta lga hua tha...lekin bola soch k :P )

Then F1 passed to M2, Sitting left to me. M2  didn't ask any question.
He further passed to M3, Sitting Right to me.

M3: What is the capital of China?
Me: said.
M3: japan's Capital?
Me: said.
M3: currency of japan?
me: said.
M3: currency of sri lanka?
Me: said.
M3: who is bangladesh first prime minister?
Me: sorry sir i dont know the answer.
M3: kabhi padda b nhi?
Me: No sir.
M3: who is pakistan's prime minister?
Me: unable to recall...i thought for few seconds bt could not able to recall...
M3: yaad kia tha?
Me: yes sir...smilingl...pakistan mein terror attacks rehte hai aur prime minister ka name uska ulta frnz fir b yaad nhi aaya...nawaz shareef >.<
M3: Koi baat nhi..well done.. they were smiling all.

 Then M3  passed to M4

M4: Where is world trade centre?
Me: said
M4: how many states are there in india?
Me: Said
M4: Name the states that have common capital.
Me: Said Punjab Haryana (CHD) and    telangana andhra...(HyD)
M4: Which state has two capitals?
Me: I dont know sir.
M4: explained Jammu and Kashmir
Me: Thanku Sir. :-)
M4: Punjab ki boundary kaun si states k sath hai?
Me: said rajathan nd haryana.
M4: Ek aur hai.

M3 whi jo abi btaya sir ne.

Me: Oh! Jammu and Kashmir. (Bt maine padda e nhi tha)
M4: Yes :-D Gud.

Again M1

M1: Sakshi, Eu have mentioned eu have got first position in folk Orchestra in youth kya aap play krte ho?
Me: no sir i jus participated for first tym in this.
M1: to kya bjaya tha?
Me: dholki.
M1: eu hav mentioned that dance is eur hobby...which typ of dance.
Me: Simple dance sir....:-)
M1: Ok Sakshi Thanku. :-)
Me: Thanku Sir to M1...Thanku sirs to all...Thanku Mam....

This was my experience friends I hope it will help you. hone wali cheejo ka jab apko pta he nhi to worry kyu karna...jus be calm and confident...dont give wrong answers...jus say dont know OR unable to recall....thats it.

Waiting for comments. Let me know my negative points in this experience.

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