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April 18, 2015

Useful Memory Technique to Remember Important days of April

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Hi friends,This is Chithu. I want to share you a simple trick to remember important days of April . If you find it useful you can follow this. Follow my 4 steps
  • Step 1 ::Take first 2 multiples of 5 --> 5,10
  • Step 2 :: Take first 3 multiples of 7 --> 7,14,21
  • Step 3 :: Follow the consecutive numbers after 21 --> 22,23,24
  • Step 4 :: just memorize 17&18
and these are the days of April arrange it in same order...5,10,7,14,21,22,23,24,17,18 .that's it..:-) I hope now you cant forget the days.Let us see the events related to those days.

  1. Take 5 MARIE(5-national maritime day) biscuit at HOME(10-homoeopathy day) 
  2. Don't spoil your HEALTH(7-Health day) on your BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY(14- ambedkar b'day) in INDIA(India civil service day-21) 
  3. To live on this EARTH(22-earth day), please do BOOKING (23-book day) before in PANCHAYAT(24-panchayat divas) office. 
  4. More HAEMO(world haemophilia day-17),more AGE(world heritage day-18)
Friends after reading these steps.take a paper and pen and you can able to write all the days and events without seeing this in the same order.

Thank u

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