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April 18, 2015

Tricks to remember EURO Currency Countries List

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Hi, friends am Chithu. I have seen so many of gr8ambitionz followers had posted lot  of tricks to remember currencies,and am one of them. Mostly i had seen tricks related to their mother language.,so that few people who do not knew that language proper cant able to understand the tricks. so i thought of posting in English. If you find useful,you can follow

Story line:::  He went to AUSTRIA to eat BELGIUM chocolate and so that he got FINancial(FINLAND) problem.Therefore he went to GERMANY to apply GREECE (grease) for the car to get money.There he lived eating idly(ITALY),MONOCCO Biscuit and took bath in LUX (LUXEMBOURG) last he earned money and bought a land (NETHERLAND).he built a portico in that (PORTUGAL) and got pain (SPAIN) in his finger(FRANCE)

Thank u..

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