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April 22, 2015

Tricks to remember Countries and Capitals (Part - III)

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Hi,Friends...this is Chithu. Previously I shared 2 Posts on Memory Tricks for Countries and Capitals (You can read Part I from here and Part II from here). Here is my Third (final) post on countries and capitals tricks.

New Zealand---> Wellington
   Mindtrick::: Dig the 'new land' for 'well' and fetch the water

  Mindtrick::: Remember Kingston Pendrive.
                    It got Jammed in my PC

   Mindtrick::: Chile sounds like 'chilly'
                     and Santi Sounds like 'shanthi' (Peace)

Now after eating chilly no one can become shanti

   Mindtrick::: Take cuba as 'ice cubes'
                     and Havana as 'Oven'
Now heat the ice cubes in Oven ;-)

Somalia---> Mogadishu
  Mindtrick::: take first 3 letters of 'Som' it means Monday like somvar(hindi)
                   Since it is Monday...the capital also starts with 'MO'gadishu

  Mindtrick:::Again Take 'MON' as monday
                  Liberia sounds like 'library'

Now library is always closed on monday..

  Mindrick:::LIB sounds like 'lip' and YA stands for yes ( ya ya!!)
                 and now the ghost said 'yes I have three(TRI) lips to bite you'

  Mindtrick::: Yu+Go+slave = you go slave
                    and get the 'grade'  belgrade

Ethiopia-->Addis  Ababa
  Mindtrick::: Addi sounds like audi car, and Ababa as baba
 Now Baba came in an Audi car to visit ethiopia

  Mindtrick:::Colo....indicates the letters in the word colour
                   Bogo sounds like Pogo
Now See the Pogo channel in colours TV

Take first 3 letters 'Gui' spell as a Guy
           Co-na as Gonna(Going to) kry( cry)
so a guy is going to cry

  Mindtrick:: Just jumble  the letters in Algeria
                 It will look as it is its capital.

Ukraine---> Kiev
  Mindtrick:: Kie sounds like key
                   Raine sounds like rain
So lost the key in the rain

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan---Both countries ends with 'Kistan'
Dushanbe and Toshkent--So its capitals comes in a rhyming word of
                                      'Dush' and 'Tosh'

Some Countries are connected with 'town' in it,they are as follows:
  1. Sierre leone----->Free town
  2. South Africa----->Cape town
  3. Barbados----------> Bridge town
Some countries related to its own name in its capitals..they are as follows:
  1. Kuwait----> kuwait city
  2. Singapore--> Singapore city
  3. Vatican------->vatican city
  4. Mexico-------->Mexico city
  5. Monaco------->Monaco City
  6. Luxemburg---->Luxemburg
Most important and familiar countries :
I think you will be aware of these capitals.because it is very well known one
  1. UAE-----      Abu dhabi
  2. Pakistan---  islamabad
  3. Malaysia--    Kuala lumpur
  4. France        Paris
  5. Japan--       Tokyo
  6. India---        New Delhi
  7. Bangladesh  Dhaka
  8. Bhutan         Thimpu
  9. Indonesia      Jhakarta
  10. Saudi Arabia Riyadh
  11.  Thailand       Bangkok
  12. Switzerland    Bern
  13. Greece         Athens
  14. Egypt           Cairo
  15. Italy             Rome
  16.  Mauritius      Port louis
  17. Fiji                Suva
  18. Canada        Ottawa
  19. Australia      Canberra
  20. Zimbabwe     Harare
  21. USA             Washington
  22. UK               London
  23. Kenya           Nairobi
  24. Nigeria           Abuja
  25. Brazil            Brasilia
That's all friends.. up-to my knowledge i have shared the countries and capitals which are known to me. if i left anything please refer... I think i have covered  mostly all the countries in all my three posts. If you study the tricks on these three posts, definitely you can answer a question in this topic.. This tricks will never make you forget the capitals any time. But keep practicing daily by saying these capitals.. all the best my dear friends. Thank u.

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