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April 20, 2015

Trick to remember Important Days of October Month

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Friends..this Chithu...Posting you on tricks to remember October month days and events..

  1. Write the numbers from 1 to 16.... 
  2. Cancel the numbers 7,10,12,15 
  3. The cancelled numbers are in the number series of 3,2,3 
    • easy to remember....-->7+3=10; 10+2=12; 12+3=15 
  4. Now just memorize 21 & 24
Now imagine a story that is below,just run like a movie in your mind...

Old  mahatma went to meet Lal bahadur to put tattoo on an animal.The teacher saw this and forced them to post the letter to  JP narayan's house about this matter. There an  Alligator named as 'Disaster' stand larger and ate the letter along with food which caused allergy to it due to iodine shortage. 

The underlined words are events...that is listed below
  • Oct 1: International oldmen day
  • Oct 2: mahatma gandhi b'day,Lal bhadur b'day
  • Oct 3: World habitat day
  • Oct 4: Worls animal welfare day
  • Oct 5: World teachers day
  • Oct 6: world wild animal day
  • Oct 8: indian Air force day
  • Oct 9: World post day
  • Oct 11"JP narayan b'day
  • Oct 13: international day for disaster reduction
  • Oct 14: world standards day
  • Oct 16: World allergy awaremess day
  • Oct 21: World iodine shortage day
  • Oct 24: United nation day
Friends after reading this try to write all these days and events and practice without seeing this. Thank u

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