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April 04, 2015

Today's (4th April 2015) NICL AO Exam Review

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HI friends, I am Madhur Mehan. Today I've appeared for NICL AO Exam. The exam was quite difficult for me. Here is my review.

Quant(moderate but time consuming)
  • 5 series
  • 5 pie chart
  • 5 line graph
  • 5 bar graph
  • 5 quadratic
  • 5 statement di
  • 10statement(partnership, cost price etc)
Reasoning quite easy
  • 5 circular arrangement some r facing outside some are inside
  • 5 syllogism
  • 5 inequalities
  • 5 floors
  • 5 data sufficency
  • 5 input output
  • 5 analytical
  • 5 sentence rearrangement
  • 10 paragraph
  • 5 blanks
  • Cloze text 10(quite difficult)
  • 5 errors
Gk was very difficult some ques are easy but some are quite difficult and unexpected. Only 1 ques came from budget.There are many questions from insurance gk. Some of them are
  1. UNEP Full form- United nation environment programme. 
  2. Denmark capital- Copenhagen. 
  3. Belgium currency- Euro. 
  4. 2018 Fifa world cup venue- Russia. 
  5. Substance and the shadow autobiography of- Dilip Kumar. 
  6. Health insurance minimum capital-100Cr. 
  7. International women day- 8 March. 
  8. Splitting of risk among multiple parties- Co insurance. 
  9. Sukanya samriddhi accounts can be opened upto the age of-10 years. 
  10. Centre of film production animation and gaming- Arunachal Pradesh. 
  11. WCRD Theme- Choose healthy diet. 
  12. Former president Mohammed nasheed sentenced to 13 years in prison- Maldives President. 
  13. Shaheen 3 missile operational range-2750 km. 
  14. Burraq drone- Pakistan. 
  15. World intellectual property organisation H.Q- Geneva.
  16. Gangs talao- Mauritius.
  17. National insurance academy- Pune.
  18. Insurance claim complaint settlement authority- insurance ombudsman
  19. Who made a mahatma gandhi statue in London
  20. Insurance company require minimal capital ...100cr
  21. Tank of ganga situated -- varansi up
  22. The company which made the highest earner in Europe..TCS
  23. The British writer who died recently.. NASH
  24. According to census India adult literacy rate --75%
  25. K Srikanth associated which game-- badminton
  26. Ranji trophy winner recently--- Karnataka
  27. One question insurance grievances..
  28. Insurance company which handle the most insurance like
  29. One question related sanctuary like nagga ..
  30. One question related to Bharti airtel retail store marge with easy day like that
  31. Crime branch associated with the government ministry like that >> 1.home ministry 2. defense ministry like that
  32. ITBP day.....
  33. Mt.nanga located in the country

DESCRIPTIVE- quite easy
1. Pros and cons of online insurance
2. Pet insurance
3. Natural and artifical abortion(i do not remember exactly)

Q2 comprehension related to investment and accounting(very easy)

Q3 precis quite difficult related to insurance.....very difficult to do on is cubersome to do precis and comprehension.....precis was very long

My attempts 116

Wish u all d best

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