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April 07, 2015

NIACL Assistants Interview Experience

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Name : M. Z. Sameer Ahmed

Interview Venue : The Park Chennai

Interview Date : 6th April 2015

Hi this sameer,

I had attended the NIACL interview today.

I reached the venue before time, they starter the document verification at 2pm. Friends, please take all your certificates with you and you need to give 4 copies of INTERVIEW DATA SHEETS and 1 copy of marksheets etc to them. have additional copies of marksheets.

Computer Proficiency Test started immediately after the Document Verification and you will be provided laptops to complete the Computer Proficiency Test. CPT was very easy. Just make sure that you complete it within 15minutes. After CPT, I had to wait for over two hours for interview.

At 6.00PM my turn came and I entered in by asking permission
ME:"excuse me sir may i come in".
Chairman: Yes Come in.
There were 5 members in the panel. Chairman, 2 Lady members, 2 Gents.
ME: I wished "Good evening mams, Good evening SIrs"
Chairman: good evening sameer, please take your seat.
The 4 data interview data sheets were circulated among members. They were glancing through the data sheets.
Chairman: Your data interview seems to be interesting.(as i had mentioned all my achievements and attached my award certificates with my mark sheets).
"Ok Sameer, Tell me about yourself".
I introduced my self and after 2lines of my introduction, he stopped me, and asked me as you are 2011 passout what were these years.
I explained about my work history, he was satisfied.
Chairman: Tell me 2 points about NIACL, IRDA and about insurance industries.
I told them about NIACL, he was astounished and asked me from where you collected this much information.
ME: Sir, I visited NIACL website and had a glance about the history of NIACL. its achievements etc.,
CHAIRMAN: GOOD, even in hindu newspaper it was posted that niacl collected 16k crore rupees as global premium.
ME: yes sir, it was published in last week saturday's edition of THE HINDU. He was satisfied.
Chairman: Tell me about IRDA, who is its chairman, what are its function.
ME. I explained it to them, the members cross questioned about IRDA, I explained them, they were satisfied.
Chairman: Sameer , you will be posted anywhere in India, will you translocate yourself.
Me: I said loudly "Yes sir".
Chairman looking at other members and said "Look at his confidence".
Now the chairman handed over it to the member.
Member 4: Tell me the currency and capital of Bangladesh.
ME. I gave the answer taka and dhaka.
Suddenly another member2: asked me about the bangladesh history. I explained them about liberation war 1971, when it happened, who were the army generals, whom helped whom.
Member 2 was surprised about the answer i gave and chairman interrupted and asked me, how do you know this much Sameer, I said I saw an editorial in the Hindu and subsequently referred it in Wikipedia.
Lady Member 1: Ok sameer, tell me there was a editorial in the Hindu newspaper about the wikipedia and tell me what was about it.
Me: I explained each and every aspect of what was given about Wikipedia in The Hindu newspaper. She was impressed with my answer.
Suddenly Male Member 2(male) asked me "ARE YOU PREPARING FOR CIVIL SERVICES",
ME: no, sir.
Member 2(Male): Do you know what is the salary of an NIACL Assistant.
ME: yes sir, around 15k.
Male Member 2: is 15000 sufficient for you. Why don't you try for civil services exam.
Me: I did not think of it sir.
Chairman in the middle of conversation: He may become general manager in NIACL, as he is smart.Why should he try for civil services.
ME: I was just smiling.
Member 4(Male): Sameer, tell me recently the government of india started evacuating our Indian citizens from which country, what was problem there, who are all involved in it.
Me: I answered to the member, point by point, He was happy with answer.
Member 4 (male): tried to aske another question.
Chairman stopped him and said to the member 4 ,"enough sir, look at the answers how he explained well. He is intelligent.
Chairman and all members said one by one: "All the best Sameer".
I thanked them and left.
Lady member 5 did not ask any question and was smiling at me each time I answered to their questions.

My interview happened for about 25 minutes.

My view : be frank and be true your heart. Try to have eye contact with all the members while answering. They are silently watching how we are behaving, our body language etc.,
Overall, the panel members were very free, and treat us like a friend.
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