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April 10, 2015

Niacl Assistant Interview Experience from Pune

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Name : Devdatt Dhakane

Interview Date : 8th April l 1:00 PM

Venue : Kapila bussiness hotel, Pune

Cpt was so easy
15 minutes to type about 10 to 12 lines and making 1 excel sheet
But still ppl made mistakes as Screens of my both neighbors are showing Red error lines

Then at about 3pm  they started interview 5 out of 20 are absent same for morning batch

Interview Experience
4 males and 1 female
M1-tell me about urself
M2-y u are joining Psu instead of pvt sector
F1- what is ALU and where is it situated and what it does
M4-tell me about urself in english
(I said reading marathi books)
M4- tell me author of book Panipat and Chhava
M3(seniormost)-what is insurance
M3- what type of insurances Gic can do?
M3-was ur father took crop insurance and from which company
M2-tell me the units u r studied in math 1
M2- what is calculus?
M2-what is mean by derrivatives?
F1- input devises ?whether plotter is input device or not?

Overall interview is nice but 1 or 2 questions remained unanswered
Like which insurance company given whether affected area a insurance?

All the Best all  :)

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