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April 12, 2015

My Interview Experience of New India Assurance Assistants

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I am Sridharan from Chennai. I appeared for New India Assurance Assistants Interview on 11th April  at The Park Chennai Hotel.

Note : Please reach 20 mins in advance.

Documents needed :
  1. Fill Interview data sheet completely (do not sign) and take 3 photocopies. Paste photos in all 4 copies. You can sign in all 4 copies, in front of them. 
  2. All certificate photocopies (1 copy enough)
Computer Proficiency Test

This is very simple. They will give you a paper with a paragraph and a table of values. Type the paragraph in MS-Word and type the table of values in MS-Excel


5 Interviewers were there. 3 males and 2 females. Interview was in Tamil and English.

They screwed me with a single question in different ways. "Why do you want to join Insurance Assistants after Engineering and why you want a job with 1/3 of your current salary?"

Almost 15 mins, they asked same question again and again.

I gave different type of answers. But till last, they didn't get convinced. So, please be prepared for this question. Don't tell artificial answer.

Then they asked general questions.
  1. Chief Election Commissioner of India 
  2. What is PETA? 
  3. What is SPCA? 
  4. Mary Kom from which state? 
  5. Mt.Everest in which country? and its height 
  6. About New India Assurance and its revenue. 
  7. Examples of few Health Insurance companies
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