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March 15, 2015

Today's (15th March 2015) LIC AAO Exam Review


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Review shared by Aaditya Singh 
Guys today was my LIC AAO Exam (Morning Shift). My attempts were 144 out of 160 no marks for English but one have to qualify that, Here is my sectionalwise review of the exam.
  • GA was similar as po level it was from current affair but the question were typical, 
  • Computer was easy, 
  • Reasoning was same as PO level one north sitting arrangement, one circle puzzled including with month, input, syllogism, inequality, 
  • Math 2 di, 5 questions approximations, 5series, 5 data sufficiency, 5 word problem typically high level,
  • English was quity difficult 
My attempts :
  • Qa-23,
  • Reas-27,
  • Comp - 30,
  • Eng-36,
  • GA-28
Ga questions asked in Today's LIC AAO Exam
  • Krishi karman award, 
  • Oscar award venue
  • World first mangrove zoo 
  • Currency of republic of poland, 
  • Capital of Jordan 
  • First player in world cup got double century 
  • Tsunami 2004 written by iaf
  • Best perform ing sex ratio state,.
  • Cultural festival venue in india. 
  • Patachitra is associated from, 
  • Dibang power plant in wchich state, 
  • Tarapur atomic power plant, 
  • Govind pansare who died was, associated with wchich feild,
  • Under 19fiffa football cup next year venue, 
  • First village of india got nofn broad band speed, 16.ida head quarter
Check complete study materials and previous papers of LIC AAO from here

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  1. Thnku

    Best of luck

  2. hello aadhiya...

    pls explain me...what is word problm in maths????

  3. is their.......pie chart or.......what kind of DI's??

  4. Math is time consuming.tough,also reasoning ,ga middium and comp easy.eng good.

  5. There are 2 wrong questions in sitting arrengement

  6. Mu attempt was math-13,reasoning-23,ga-22,comp-28,eng-28.

  7. Bro any suggestion for other guys who have exam next week

  8. Specially read north east related news..other than current

    1.Where is tarapore plant??

    Jordan currency

    Poland currency

    When is world wildlife day

    Which cricket have scored double century?

    Pongal is celebrated in which state

    Where is the hq of international development organisation

    Some questions related to north east news

    Krishi karma Award which State?

    Ananth Geete from which union Ministry ?

    France deal 5.9 billion Dollar in which Country ?

    First Double Century made in World cut by which cricketer ?

    2017 U-17 world cup played in which country ?

    WWF and Muthoot Finance Deal in which Name it ?

    Which two state has highest sext ration in india ?

    questions from Railway Budget , Union budget, Economic Survey.. Very SAD:(

    5.8 billion dollar deal-- dasult rafale --jet flights france-india

    can u share like what type of ques. from NE. were asked in GA? Like
    maati ke rang festival celebrated in which state n all options from north east
    states I dn knw this one

    My Attempt in LIC AO

    Reasoning .............28


    computer ...............30



    Total .....................120

    Very Easy !!!! Except Math .. I am not good at Math!!

    Computer very Easy... Clerical Level

    Reasoning Very Easy ...Clerical Level

    Math .............................Moderate


    CA..................................Clerical Level

  9. This was for north-east & J&K circle na ?

  10. bro wht abt the insurance related questions asked??

  11. what kind of word problem??...she said in her eviews??...can u explain....

  12. oh...really....

    siting arrange kaise wale thi apki?

  13. DI's kaise wale the???

  14. Yes only for them! but for AAO CA ,all over India people can apply! NICL is number one bogus,after LIC occupied second place. These should be special authority to supervise govt. recruitment processes.

  15. thax sir for marking as feature comment !!!

  16. ooo....wanted to confirm that i didn't miss any chance...:D.....hmmn...buddy..our aim is something else...make way & work na...?

  17. thankyou..! The paper is same or different for north east and J nK section..?

  18. ellarkum kittate all the best :p

  19. north east related current affairs jammu wale section main bhi a rhe hai kya..?

  20. thts impossible..:P....All the best (Y)

  21. Who are sitting in last two end?2-who is in the middle of t and o?plz explain in this sitting arrengment.

  22. Di like po but time very consuming

  23. IBPS P.O,Clerk Results on 1st April,10am !!
    All the very best friends!!!

  24. P is 3 rd from right end.t and p not neighbour of n.r is immidiately left of o.there are 2 persons between p and n.q is 3 to left of r.

  25. Di 2 types 1-pie chart and 1 table

  26. P is 3 rd from right end.t and p not neighbour of n.r is immidiately left of o.there are 2 persons between p and n.q is 3 to left of r.pls solve.

  27. good atleast hope it will help to review some of the aspirants who are preparing
    it will give a clear picture to concenterate in what they are lacking and where they need to place them!!!!!!!

  28. Di was one of bar chart and one from ratio it was typical but for regular student it was quite easy it was from po level

  29. Some GA answer keys of LIC AAO 2015 Morning (15th March, 2015)

    1. Dihang hydel project - Arunachal Pradesh
    2. Aurya kiran-VIII military batallion excercise - India and Nepal
    3. Pongala - Kerela
    4. Highest sex ratio - Kerela & Tamilnadu
    5. Poland currency - Zloty
    6. Tarapur nuclear reactor - Maharashtra
    7. IDA headquarter - Washington, DC
    8. Indian movie bags award in Berlin film festival - Dhanak
    9. Oscar award 2015 - Los Angeles
    10. Tsunamis 2004 : A few good men and the angry seas author - Air Commodore Nitin Sathe
    11. Wild life day - 3rd March
    12. Anant Geete - Union Minister (Heavy Industries)
    13. Indian hockey league 2015 champion - Punjab Warriors
    14. UNICEF pact for education in Africa - Bharti Airtel
    15. World's first mangrove zoo - Sunderbans
    16. Patachitra traditional dress - Odisha
    17. Under 17 FIFA World Cup venue - India
    18. Govind Pansare - Veterarn politician and CPI leader
    19. First village of india got nofn broadband speed - Kerela
    20. First player in world cup cricket who got double century - Chris Gayle
    21. Capital of Jordan - Amman
    22. Best performing sex ratio - Kerala & Tamil nadu
    23. Maati ke Rang festival - Dimapur
    24. Krishi Karman Award - Madhya Pradesh

  30. How many vacancies in ibps po 4?

  31. How many vacancies in ibps po 4? Any idea

  32. SAIL ASSISTANT notification out

  33. Bibhuti maths m series kesi thi

  34. Very tough my attempt was 2

  35. No all were right

  36. Candidates are very tensed about their selection and eagerly waiting for the final results.Until the result will come,they can't stop themselves to ask some silly questions to others but important for them.They know very well that predictions may not be true but their interest in these predictions just showing their feeling of eagerness.After all many of them have been preparing for the exam for one/two/three or may be more than three years and they are working hard for their selection.And Obviously Time is the most precious thing in the World and no one wants to wait again for another one year.

  37. Thr q was P is 3 rd from right end.t and p not neighbour of n.r is immidiately left of o.there are 2 persons between p and n.q is 3 to left of r.pls solve.
    Who are sitting in last two end?2-who is in the middle of t and o?plz explain in this sitting arrengment.

  38. Thanks for ur valuable information.........

  39. Maths KA pattern bta do plzzz pura

  40. Hi, Restless Optimist ., (I assume that you are from Kerala) Can you please tell me how much will be a good written score for IBPS Clerk for Kerala region ... is 145 Enough ? Please reply !! :)

  41. current affairs kitne months k aa rhe hai ???

  42. please provide review of today's PA exam of MADHYA PRADESH .plz plz

  43. at in notification results will bw comw in april only u mentioned april 1 that y i am asking frnd

  44. Both on the same day??

  45. krishi karman goes to punjab not mp
    mp was 2012-13

  46. india hocky league champion is ranchi rays not punjab

  47. Acha last year cutoff for HR was high 114 but this year cutoff is low 0nly does that mean more seats this time??

  48. i m totaly agree with u beacause is bar jitane bhi predection huye hai sare galat nakale hai .rrb k liye bola gaya tha ki 160 walo ka full chance hai but abhi tak merit 170 chal raha hai infact 165 k niche kisi ka bhi chance nahi dikhai de raha hai .ibps po ka prediction 70 tha but cut off 82 gaya

  49. I am extremely sorry that i am not good at answering such things.

  50. cut off is naot depende on nomber of seat it is depend difficulty level of examination

  51. Yes but its seen that if limited seats are there cutoff goes high

  52. but most of them will resign rgt wen dey get alloted in po?

  53. no u can also see i rrb last year cut off was 96 but this year cut off is only 80 while this year total vacancy less than previous year

  54. Question sahi tha apne galat padha

  55. M is third from right two person between m and n r is left of o t is not at any corner three people is beteen o and q

  56. This question is not from morning shift

  57. Either more seats..or tough paper...both are possible.

  58. I m talking about morning shift

  59. Yes this is morning shift question

  60. Please let me know what are the exact documents required.I didn't understand why 2 original character certificates are required..can any one post the exact requirement to avoid last minute issue.

  61. 2di 1 pie chart 1 table,5series,5 simplification,5assumption,5 others

  62. Brother there are 8 members so arrangement is TSNQMPRO


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