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March 12, 2015

My interview experience of United India Insurance Assistants


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Hi, I am Deep Raw ( discuss ID - bank wala) from Dehradun. I appeared for UIIC assistant Interview on 9th March at Institute of Engineers, Lucknow.
Timings: 2pm

I reached dere around 1.30pm. 15-20 people were already dere. Around 2pm all people went for lunch, till d time I started talking to the person next to me. After lunch,
They verified all my documents. Original as well as duplicates. Duplicate copies should have both gazetted officers signature and your signature(self-attestation). People were kind enough, that they didn't scold anyone for not bringing any of the certificates. If you miss any document or certificate, they will ask you to sign a undertaking in an A4 sheet.
Interview data sheet and 2 character certificates are mandatory. Don't forget them. Without that, they won't allow.

Then came CPT(Computer proficiency test) at 4pm. They gave a paper with a paragraph of 7 to 8 lines, which is to be typed in MS-word and a tabular column which is to be typed in MS-Excel.
I found the Cpt very easy and completed it 2-3 minute before the scheduled time. I found many people who were upset due to CPT. Guys please learn Merge cell and wrap text function in Excel. Many people were having problem with it.
I was called for interview after 30 min after cpt.

Personal Interview

3 men were there.



Whats ur name?

U r from?

How many members are in ur family?

Ur father's occupation?

Other family members occupation?

U have done graduation in 2007, what hv u u done after that?
Answered..five year experience with mnc in insurance sector.

What was ur role over dere?
Answered. Told him abt my work profile( claim payments nd all)

So how u analyse the damage estimate?
Answered he looked satisfied.

U r almost 28. So this is ur last chance as assistant?
Yes sir

Any other exam u hv cleared?
No sir,( though I hv cleared ibps exams)

What is this certification u hv done?
Sir, Introduction in property & casualty insurance from AICPCU- Insurance institute of America.

Did u cleared it in first go?
Yes sir ( they looked impressed)

After that other person said..
Don't ask him insurance question..he knows everything.

Okay hv u remember what u hv studied in bcom?
Yes sir little bit.

What is depreciation?

What is payback method?
Sorry sir, I m unable to recall it right now.

Have u ever travelled in airline?
No sir

Do u know something abt it?
Little bit sir

What is black box?

What is its colour?
Don't know sir , but its not of black colour.
Then he asked some unexpected questions.
Make 3 sentences from the word "DRESSING" but all in different sence.
After thinking for 2-3 sec. I made it.
1- I hv a good dressing sense.
2- I went to hospital for my wound dressing.
3- oh! What a beautiful dressing table it is?
He looked impressed.
Any other sentence regarding food?
I was thinking sudenly he said.
like the food looks delicious due dressing on it.
I said okay and thank you with smile.

Then he asked " searching a black cat in a dark room". What its mean?
I confused for a second I was not able to understand the word searching. I heard it like Sachin. So I asked him to repeat the question. Then I answered.
Sir it means " hawa me teer chodna" he looked impressed and said very good.

Name two commerce minister of India?
Sorry sir not able to recall it.

Ok current ka hi bta do?
I remembered only first name. Nirmla somthing. ( it nirmla sitaraman I guess).

Hv u ever dine in a restaurant?
I was thinking what kind question it is. Answered yes sir

What is term in bill " k.o.t"?
Sir I never heard abt it. Never noticed it on the bill.

Its a kind of tax. Full form is kitchen order token.
Said thank u with smile.

Then they reviewed my data sheet for 2-3 min. After complete silence of 2-3 min he suddenly ask. What is Zero depreciation?
Sorry sir, I hv read it but not able to recall.

Oaky u may go now.
Said thank u and left d room.

My interview went for good 30 minutes. Complete interview was in Hindi language except 2-3 questions of English. First time I felt that interviewer can ask u any thing.
Good luck to all of u for upcoming interview.

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  1. Team.. Sutlej grameen bank has released the interview schedule for the post of officer scale and office assistant multipurpose..

  2. team,,,y dont post 11th updates...waitng 4r dat

  3. Thank you gr8ambitionz team for publishing my interview experience.

  4. Guys ibps po writn marks link is Re-activted...while b4 2-3 days it ws showng dt date is over...i think they r going 2 upload result vry soon.

  5. U P पोस्टल असिस्टेन्ट (PA/SA-2014) का क्या हुआ है ? क्या ये भी cancel हो गया है और फ़िर से exam होगा। या अभी रिजल्ट अएगा।

    किसी को पता हो plzz बताए।

  6. but po 3 list has validity till march 31st..

  7. friends plz reply me.....i have interview 2mrw....i cleared the ibps exam....should i tell them or not....? will it create problem if we lie.....

  8. it is better to say that u have less score in ibps..rather than telling a lie.

  9. I got 94 SC Punjab cut off 77 kya chance hai in ibps clerk

  10. oh kk....tanq so much for ur reply.....

  11. hi frndzz..pls rly me..
    my uiic interview went for only 3 cwn i take that?
    (gud r bad)

  12. it depends on hw u did it.....if they look satisfied then its gud

  13. i have a doubt.....should we attest the copy of character certificate....

  14. have you selected if so then oa or os1

  15. i answer satisfactorly watever they they didnt ask anything about insurance,family,current affairs..

  16. then its need 2 the best....

  17. thank u so i m little bit confusing nd worring..

  18. ur part is over......give it to God's hands...and start preparing for other interview or exam.....

  19. swetha....i have a doubt.....should we attest the copy of character certificate....plz reply me....mine s n 2mrw

  20. thank u for ur convincing words...
    then al the best for urs..

  21. I dont why this is reschedule but anyway the postal dept is playing with candidates life. Again all appeared candidates need to reappear and re prepare.... really bad...

  22. No need to attest character certificate..but it should hv proper stsml with designation

  23. oh tanq so much for ur reply

  24. I also hv cleared the exam but i said I hv cleared only rrb but score is lss

  25. how u prepared for the quant n eng section. plz guide

  26. Hey its not like interview
    It is like investigation, & Enquiry.

  27. hehehe..... Bhai aaj nhi to kal nhi to parso Result to aana hi hai. Why you so restless .

  28. actually i studied in a couching center,their study materials,and they conduct lot of model xams,that helps me a lot..

  29. u dint refer to any books

  30. my center provides several books..and also i go thrw websites

  31. Bhai how much you scored in ibps po...?

  32. haan up state ka bhi cancel ho gaya tha wait for new exam date

  33. My interview was also at d same place

  34. K evening or moring shift

  35. Shi kahan bhai...its CID interview...." Kuch to gadbad hai Daya"

  36. cancel hone ka kahan se pata chala hai kahi official site pe to news aai nai hai..???

  37. bhai chandigarh ka result kab aayega?

  38. Jharkhand postal assistant final result kb ayega

  39. are bhai chandigarh punjab me aata hai or result to kab ka a aya.


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