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March 28, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 29

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What is the State Flower of Arunachal Pradesh ?

With which sport is teh FIFA World Cup associated ?

What was Sri Lanka earlier known as ?

Who was the father of Ravana, the mighty king of Lanka ?

Who became the first woman Prime Minister of Australia in 2010 ?

What is the study of birds called ?

Which yoga routine is followed by the Tibetan lamas to live a long and healthy life ?

How many times have the Red Cross won the Nobel Prize ?

Which Olympic sport is played with stones and brooms ?

What number is between 7 and 8 on a standard dart board ?

In 2011, a Formula 1 race was held in which country for the first time ?

Name the country where Thousand Lakes exist ?

What was Bangladesh earlier known as ?

Name the fish that can generate electricity ?

Which princes of Jodhpur wrote poetry in Hindi and Gujarati ?

Which snake throws venom at its predator ?

Who was the first woman president of the Congress ?

Who was the captain of the world cup winning cricket team in 2011 ?

What is the currency of Iran ?

What is a collection of literary works called ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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