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February 05, 2015

Success Story of IBPS Clerks - V. V. Sai Bhaskar


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Hi friends this is V.V.Sai Bhaskar........ I attempted IBPS CWE-III INTERVIEW  on 14th february 2014 and my interview experience is as follows......

Name : V. V. Sai Bhaskar

Marks : 141  
  • Quant - 36,
  • Reasoning -30, 
  • English - 26, 
  • Computer Knowledge - 32, 
  • General and Banking Awareness - 17
Cut-off : 111 (OC)

Interview Venue : Vijayawada, Andhra Bank Zonal Office, Andhra Pradesh

Panel : III

​My interview has to start by 2 pm...but surprisingly they called me by 11.40 am as there are samaikhyandra agitations going on that day and so interviews are going at a fast they called me 3 hrs early....

I went in, had my certificate verification and got the clearance.The person examining certificates gave me a A4 sheet and asked me to write any topic in Telugu (my mother tongue)... I took the sheet, just had a glance around, thought for a while and went back to that person to make sure whether we can write any topic or particularly related to banking///// he clarified any topic.....then i started writing the topic after naming it "AMMA NAANNA GURUVU (Father, Mother and Teacher)"...used good vocabulary and alliteration as somehow i am interested in literature....i wrote the topic on complete oneside of page giving good conclusion and felt satisfactory and then went to the examiner to submit my topic... he said that i chose the topic intellectually and is very good and wished me all the best..... there my confidence increased a lot........ .then they asked me to wait outside my panel room and am waiting there for my of the officials there is helping students to be at ease, he cracked some joke and we r all smiling happily...

It's almost 12.30 and then they called my name and i went inside in that happy mood with a smiling face.......
there are 4 panel members 3 male and 1 female........2 of them seemed 70+ and other 2 60+............

M1: so u r mr.sai bhaskar......u r coming from?
me: I am coming from kovvur, west godavari sir......

m1: are you a btech grad?
me: yes sir...

m1: have you been to any campus intrvw?
me: only one sir....TCS

m2: got selected?
me: no sir , cleared the written test but didn't clear technical....
m2: why?
me: I am not that good with technical knowledge sir..even i went to the written test to test my reasoning and quant skills......
all smiling......m2: so u wanted to test them?
     me : (smiling) no sir, to test myself......

m3: but what's so special in that now a days everyone's clearing the test....
me: they conducted written test for nearly 550 members and only 45 are able to clear it and i am one of them sir...

m2: that's very good.......
m1 : what's ur score?
me : 141 sir....

m3: where did  take ur coaching?
me: no sir own preparation.....

m3: what are doing since may 2013 ( my btech passing year)?
me: I am working as an aptitude and reasoning trainer in aditya college, surampalem.....all gave a surprising look....

m1: so urself a trainer... how much u earn every month....
me: it's an hourly basis and on-call based job...i used to earn nearly 6000 per month (actually i gave wrong answer...mine is a regular job there and earning 14,000 per month but didn't reveal that..) 

m2: wrote any exams else..
me: po exam sir but didn't clear in english section sir so i am unable to make it to interview...

f1: (till now silent, started speaking now)  so is this ur first interview....*with lot of surprise*
me : yes mam....

m1: do u know any thing about employment generation scheme....
me: puzzled for a second but gave a good explaination...

f1: ur hobbies?
me: cooking and singing mam....
again everyone smiled and surprised......

f1: so what do u cook..?
me: biryani, fried rice, coriander rice, gravy curries etc...mam

f1: don't ur mother cook..
me: she cooks mam but my brother and sister enjoys biryani made by me as i am an expert in that and my mom learned biryani recently ....

m3: if u get this job...are u willing to relocate....?
me: yes any place..

f1: but ur siblings may miss ur dishes/..all smiling
me: mam, we'll plan it in holidays

all of them wished me all the best....i thanked them all and came out.......

believe it or not all this happened within just 5 mins..........and i was the last candidate before lunch session and may be that's why they didn't ask me any bank related or general questions.....

Friends my father went for the interview at the same place, same floor 30 years back but couldn't make it due to many reasons and now he is very happy that i cleared the test, interview and got placed in ANDHRA BANK....particularly he is very happy about my score and am on cloud 9...i scored 70 marks in interview...and my overall is 70.64%..... 

Finally, Believe in yourself and God... Just give your Best. All the Best to All... 

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  1. Motivational .. Thank you Bhaskar

  2. Supperb... Thank you bro

  3. He already selected :P

  4. TCS lo freshers ki Btech subjects adugutharu kadha bhayya Technical round lo. So athanu technically antha sound kaadhemo btech subjects lo anduke clear cheyaledhemo

  5. Now You Can Downoad Free Study Material for all compitetive exams from for free

  6. Dear friend. Your experience made my confidence level higher and higher. Thank you for your post. Pls accept my heartfelt congratulations 😤.

  7. what was the cutoof for gen category

  8. thanks for motivating us by sharing your experience have a bright future

  9. was ur interview totally in telugu

  10. bhayya...meku graduation lo takkuva percent vachinda technically not good ani chepparu....

  11. As far as I know, Bhaskar gave appropriate answer for this question.

    Technically sound ante poyi S/w job try chesko antaru (overqualification)

    So here he just gave a spontaneous answer which convinced the interviewers

  12. super brother...congratulations ......

  13. bro with this score u must be very confident for selection even before interview...

  14. ante naku 81% undi core side enduku vellaledu ante technically not good ani chepdamanukunanu.....mari interviews nammutara ani??...

  15. Yup... U r rite... I wished for his future

  16. hey tumhara selection hua kya

  17. housing development finance corporation

  18. All the best for ur future..

  19. Amazing interview Bhaskar ..thnx for sharing :)

  20. clerical interview conducted in local language or english?

  21. you couldn't make it in English Section in PO? are you kidding me?

  22. wonderful interview experience , something which u cherish through out your life .

  23. can i ask a querry

  24. Thank you sooooo much

  25. Congrats have a bright future

  26. am i ask a query ab inerw

  27. pls reply is about inttervw

    GIET rjy

    one of the topper and dancer and ece branch leader and culturel function leader when megastar visited our giet college.........once again congratulation
    have bright future.............................

  29. the best for ur future

  30. Inspiring buddy

  31. super bhayya.....
    very nice

  32. Neo #The Matrix Path#February 5, 2015 at 10:16 PM

    Is it mandatory to know the local knowledge in IBPS Clerk ???????


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