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February 04, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview review (Guntur, andhra bank zonal office)


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Hello friends... Here is my interview experience held in Guntur, Andhra bank zonal office on 28th january. First of all i wanted to convey my heartful thanks to GR8AMBITIONZ for making this possible and for helping me a lot during my preparation.

My interview was in Panel-2 , 4 male and 1 female were there in interview panel *(M1,M2,M3,M4,F1).

Name : Kanaka Durga Adabala

Qualification : B.E mechanical engineering (have 3 yrs experience in power plant)

Venue : Andhra bank zonal Office, Guntur

Date : 28.01.2015

Time : 1:00 PM

We were called at 12:30 itself and document verification completed by 2. Later 2 to 2:30 was lunch break. My turn came at 4:15 PM. Interview hardly took 10 min.

Opened door with big smile and wished all of them. They asked me to sit and i dragged chair and occupied. Here i dropped my file while dragging the chair and M3 seems disappointed, even I was also little bit tensed.Later interview started

M3: Asked some questions related to my family, father job
Me: Answered
M3: What is your job profile
Me: Answered
M3: Your job profile is good,Why you want to leave
Me: Answered my job related problems and all
M3: Does your company relieve you
Me: yes sir, I will submit NOC if needed
M3: If they offer u high salary will you go back again
Me: No sir, I'm assuming a long term career with banking, now a days banking mints the most women CEO's in india, i want to be at that position or at least to a higher position
M3: he was impresed and said Wonderful (i smiled)
M3: What is current issue between andhra and telangana regarding power generation
Me: Answered
M1: what is your unit price
Me: Answered with figures and facts related to present gas scenario
M3: What is PPA (Power purchase agreement)
Me:  Again Answered with figures and facts
M3: How gas being allocated to different power plants
Me: Answered
M2: do you really work with our small banks while u r already working in a big company
Me: I smiled and said yes sir
M3: Does your father agree
Me: he will agree sir, my satisfaction is his satisfaction
M2: Very good
M4: Do you really work in banks (again the same question)
F1: Interrupted and said she wants to become CEO
All laughed and said wonderful,
M2: can u work anywhere?
Me: No problem for me sir, I can speak hindi also. as i already worked in many places, i used to it
M2: Can you speak tamil?
Me: Sir i will learn, im a fast learner and i said i learned hindi in 2 months when i was working in madyapradesh.
M2: smiled
M1: Did you study banking
Me: I said yes sir, but they didnt ask any thing
All were seemed to be very happy and a sigh of relief and silence too ( i was little bit disappointed as there were no banking questions)
Me: I broke that silence and asked shall i leave sir
M3: Yes, u can
Me: Thank you sir, i left the room

Every thing related to my work experience not even a single question from banking, the panel was very friendly and i enjoyed the interview. Hoping for the best :) "

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  1. when ibps going to release po marks????????????

  2. final result will be announced in 1st week of april

  3. final results may be announced in 1st week of march..

  4. they told that final allotment will be in april 1st week

  5. Hello sagar good morning

  6. hello...u r also sagar...nice to meet u sagar

  7. Po interview done did not apply for clerk, did you appeared for new india assurance AO exam

  8. I think it will be in the month of April

  9. then they will give final allotment directly ri8!!!!!

  10. What was the date of the interview, and your category??

  11. Category SC+pwd+jk migrant

  12. no...some people r saying that marks will be given in 1st week of this month..

  13. wt abt ur frnds attempts??????????


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