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February 09, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Review shared by Sandhya (Annasalai)


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Name :  K. Sandhya

Qualification : MBA ( Import Export Management)

Date of interview : IOB, Annasalai

Panel no : VI

Cat : SC

Time :  1.00 PM

When I reached the venue its almost 12.30 pm. No seats are there since most candidates came with their family and morning batch interview was going on. With in 10 mins one staff informed panel vi candidates to wait at 6th floor.

As soon as I reached their, there are 5 people of morning batch waiting for their turn. So the organising staff asked us to have our lunch and come within half an hour.

After lunch verification started, very strict process during that time they gave a piece of white paper and asked to write 5 lines in tamil from any one of the below topic

1) financial inclusion
2) jandhan yojana
3) your hero
4) use of technology in bank

Two more topic I can't recollect now.

After completing the verification called to wait for interview. I am the 2nd person.

My turn comes...

I gently knocked the door and asked

" May I come in sirs / mam"

Panel has 3 Male and 1 Female all are around 50 yrs old.

Panel altogether said "Come in" with smiling face.

Asked to take my seat.

I thanked and sat gently with lot of ??????

M1: Introduce yourself
Me; introduced myself, my education, career, family details.
M2: Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India.
Me: yes (since I know Hindi, English, Tamil & Malayalam)
M1: OK you did MBA import export management, tel me what is import export? How it affects Indian economy.
Me: Explained about it and Bop etc
M2: You know Tamil
Me: yes
M2; then answer in Tamil
Me: start continuing about export promotions etc
M1: Gud
And passed on to M3
M3: what is ECGC
Me: (immediately I cannot recollect struggled abit)
M1 helped me to get the answer.
Mam; Trade defiacy
Me: tried and answered finally

Then asked to read a paragragh from an old newspaper.

Finally asked that can I ready to serve in village areas

I said " yes" confidently.

They said " Gud Luck"

I said "Thanks " and left.

Guys believe it or not I really took 5 mins from 2.05 pm to 2.10 pm

Overall the panel was so friendly no need to worry at all and be confident.

Thanks to gr8ambitionz , I proudly say that you guys are behind my success. All the Best to all :)

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  1. Thank u sandhya.. All the best..

  2. thank you so much, for the fast share :)

  3. mano r u from chennai? IOB bank center for me, entha bustop la eranganumnu solla mudiyuma?

  4. Al the best sandhya.. :)

  5. best of luck sandhya ji..

  6. Any idea ofibps clrks intercw dates

  7. mine too.. morning or afternoon? panel??

  8. Any one from Boi noida sec 62.

  9. all the best :) do u knw tat addres?

  10. same to u :) someone told its near to chennai central and mount road

  11. can u tel me route from madipakkam?

  12. Thanks for sharing actually mine also same panel same timing but it's on feb.17th I was worrying someone will come from the same panel or not and you shared Ur review so much relaxed :)

  13. same to u :) no idea :(

  14. For me too at anna salai. When is ur interview?

  15. when is the sbi clerks result its really frustrating to the core

  16. Thanks..all the best👍

  17. thanks for sharing ,good luck

  18. anyone from tirunelveli tamilnadu having interview on 13th feb

  19. Madipakkam to velacherry and than highcourt bus....

  20. for me too.. at 12/2/14..

  21. For me 14th....wt abt u

  22. any one from andhra bank gachibowli hyd..plz share ur experience about topics given to write.


  24. Hi Friends, I gave my interview today.
    Venue: IOB Head Office, Chennai

    I reached my venue at 12pm and they called us at 12.10PM. They gave a piece of paper and asked me to write about some topic in tamil. I never studied tamil in my school days, i studied hindi. Since my mother tongue is TAMIL, i can read tamil well. I asked my dad to write about myself before 10 days. He wrote and gave it to me. Daily i used to practise it twice. So, it was helpful for me today.. I wrote about myself in the piece of paper which was given to me.

    This also served me a help that, they didnt ask me to introduce about myself. At 3.30pm they called me for Interview.

    Wished them all.. 3 Male, 1 Female

    First they asked me to read a tamil newspaper article. I read it without any error.. Since they know about me, by reading from the piece of paper.

    M1: Next question was, Why did you quit IT job.
    Me: told them the reason
    M1: What is no frill account?
    Me: Told
    M1: what is PMJDY?
    Me: told clearly..

    F: What is overdraft?
    Me: Explained
    F: Do Savings account has Overdraft facility?
    Me: I told about PMJDY scheme

    Then they discussed within them about this. Said Good.. :)

    M2: What is RRB?
    M2: Who controls them?
    Me: Clearly mentioned
    M2: Name few RRB banks in Tamil nadu and their sponser bank banks
    Me: Named 2 but donot know their sponser banks.. They didnt take it so serious.

    M3: What is the Head quatres of Western railway?
    Me: Told
    M3: Asked about my dad profession In English.
    Me: Replied them in English. Rest of the above questions were in Tamil.

    Interview Over... I was very happy and thanked them and came out.. Just 10 Min interview, i felt like a small talk.. hope for a good result.. :):)

  25. Anyone from madurai?pls share ur interview experience..

  26. hi everybody i attended todays interview in IOB RO madurai panel 2. overall interview was good.they asked me how will your qualification help us in banking, repo rate, role of rbi,who designed rupee symbol, smart phone introduced recently in china, now ibps has changed exam pattern for 2015 asked about that. planning commision (NITI AAYOG) expansion of NITI chairman of that commission.difference between sbi and other nationalised banks, then some basic things about my parents and hometown. please concentrate in current affairs also equal to banking awareness

  27. All the best dude....

  28. I have one doubt in pg % instead of putting 72.86 i put 75.86 in application form is there any problem regarding that during interview please clarify my doubt?...?..

  29. I don't think so because they need only 65% and that too any degree so don't worry it vl not be a great issue prepare well and do well all the best

  30. not at all.. just say wrongly it happened. if they ask otherwise.. no need to worry.

  31. Can u pls say..wat r the documents u hav submitted

  32. anybody havg interview on 12th feb?

  33. k i am gen xserviceman...

  34. Why do you want to join banking sector, being a science post graduate
    how do i answer this question

  35. Hi Sandhya,

    Me too have interview in same venue. How much time they are providing to write about the topic?
    And also whether character certificate is necessary to carry along with certificate

  36. Do u ave IT specialist officer materials or clerk materials ave na send it to mbmhkrd

  37. Tell u r interested in bank
    sector, y u choose science as a subject tell my parents idea..

  38. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺February 9, 2015 at 7:34 PM

    all the best

  39. 2-3 mins to write abt 5lines. no need of charact certif.

  40. hi. am also same venue same panel on 13th feb. interview was conducted in english or tamil....

  41. may I know the interview is in tamil or English?

  42. Plz tell me the interview is in tamil or English?

  43. what abt panel members? are they friendly ????

  44. hi maheswari...all the best ...can u tell me about certificate verification?
    i am also from help me

  45. near spencer tooks ly 10 mins walkable distance....

  46. near spencer tooks ly 10 mins walkable distance

  47. oh tanks :) from tnagar wat bus shud i hire?

  48. sorry i dono exactly...i ll tell u 2morow.......wen s ur interview????????

  49. on 11. sry to disturb, i have neva been to tat place, tats y

  50. k wait....ur category??????

  51. ur category? ur total attempts?????????

  52. mm k congrats....all d best do well...

  53. i mentioned there.. full tamil

  54. Can anyone please tell me how to reach IOB regional office, annasalai from PONDICHERRY? Please also mention the bus number..........


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