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February 10, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Nishant (Patna)


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Interview Date - 10th February 2015

Interview venue - Executive Home, Akshaya Tower, Patna

Timing - 8.30 am

Panel - 4

I am Nishant Gaurav. I ve done B.Tech in Electronics & Tele-comm. They called us at 8.30 for document verification.  Before document verification they gave us a blank paper and told to write 10 lines on a topic in hindi. Topic was “Importance of mobile in today’s life-its 3 profit and 3 losses”. The document verification got over by 9.30 and my interview started at 10.15 and got over by 10.35
                                                   I went inside the hall greeted them . I was asked to sit down. There were 5 members( 4 male and 1 female). The interview was bilingual, but I m sharing my Questions only in english.
M1: Tell me about ur educational background from 10th to graduation with percentage of marks and year of completion?
M2: You are a graduate and u ve come for a clerk interview. Justify it?
M2: How Rupay debit card is different from ATM card?
F1: Have u studied current affairs? Tell me about DBTL scheme?
F1: Is DBTL is limited to LPG subsidy only or it it can be extended to some other things also?
F1: Which agency is making Aadhar card? Aadhar no. is of how many digits?
M2: Name some input devices?
M2: What is the difference between mouse and trackball?
M3: Which device acts as input as well as output device?
M3: Name some output devices?
M4: Are you from agriculture background? What is your Father’s profession?
M4: What are the different types of bank accounts? Explain them?
M4: What is NRO account?
M4: Who are NRIs? For how many years they live outside country that they ve given NRI status?
M4: Why savings accounts and current accounts are called Demand deposits?
M1: What is Current account deficit?
M1: What is Fiscal deficit?
M1: What is GDP? Which country has highest GDP and which country has highest GDP ratio?
Finally, M2: All the best for ur future. May god bless you.
Thank u.

It was a stressful interview…….. Hoping for good results.

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  1. No topic, they just gave a paragraph n asked us to copy that

  2. yaar 20 min chala tera interview ......wah

  3. Thank you! waiting for this.

  4. Sharad Chandrika VaddadiFebruary 10, 2015 at 6:19 PM

    oh god very tough questions,how you managed them,any how all the best nishanthji


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