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February 09, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Falguni (Bangalore)


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Name : Falguni

Date of interview : 09/02/15

Time : 1:00 PM

Venue : Vijaya bank (head office), Bangalore

First of all i want to thank you 'Gr8ambitionz', I got this opportunity to face the interview just for your guidance.This was my 2nd attemp.I reached the venue at 12:20PM. There i had to wait till 2:15 PM for document varification. There were 3 members varifying, unfortunately the lady who was taking long time to varify, she only called my name. Then my bad timing starts, as i did not take semestar wise marksheet & i took only the convocations.I thought it is either marksheet or convocations we need to carry.Then after a long discussion with other members finally she allowed me to face the interview in a condition that i shoud produce all the mark sheet by the next day morning. The varification took 35mins for me..Yess 35mins.They gave us a paper and asked us to copy a kannada paragraph. I do not know kannada so i just simply copied it

I was not able to memorize any of the banking terms which i've practiced, because of nervousness.I was just blank.Then my turn comes...
I 've opened the door and asked for permission to get in
There were 4 members as usual, 1 female and 3 male.
I wished them all, gud afternoon
M1: please take your seat
So Falguni, u r from Tripura?
Me; Yess sir.
M1: Who is the chief minister of Tripura?
Me; Mr.Manik Sarkar.
M1: what he is famous for?
Me: He is known as a very Honest minister
They laughed
M3: Do you know how manyVijaya  bank's  branches r there in ur state?
Me: 1 branch
M1: U did M.pharm? From where?
Me: replied
M1 looked at madam and said: She is highly qualified for this
M1: Why dont u try in your own sector
Me; I am already working sir, as a lecturer. But after gaining 3 years of experience i am still in the same status in my career. Even my father is a retired bank manager and 3 members from my family are in banking only.I too always wanted to work in bank.
M3: In which bank your father was working?
Me;United bank of India
M1: then u shoud try for PO
Me: i wrote PO4 sir, but could not clear it as i got of 1 mark less in GA
M1 asked about my husband and family
M1: So u do'nt know kannada, c we r your well wisher so i am telling u thios, u shoud know this local language.
He took the kannada paragraph that i copied, and said c what she wrote " I do not know kannada but i am trying to write it"
And they laughed
M3: (asked me in kannada) since how long u r staying in bangalore
then u shoud have learned na
I was answering in English, as i can understand but cant speak it
Madam: so u r responding to him
c u should never speak in hindi with local people, always shoud speak in kannada only
Me: yess ma'm i'll learn it as soon possible
M1: Ok falguni Thank you. Always be possitive.Wish u every success in life
"dhanyabad"(in bangali accent)
Me: Dhanyabad Sir
Thats all friends. I dint believe they did not asked me any banking related Q. or any other thing.They were so friendly so generous,that made me to feel so comfortable that when i came out i was happy from inside.Thank u all.Wish u all the best

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  1. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺February 9, 2015 at 8:41 PM

    all the best

  2. thanx for sharing intrw expirnce
    all the best
    I have CMM and original degree
    I dont have one of the individual marks memos
    any problem?

  3. pls, kya koi atm k working explain ker sakta h

  4. it is a really good try... but why candidates are trying out in Karnataka region when they are from other part of India, it will be really tough for Kannadiga candidates. Since becoz of other region people, our cut off will be going to become high. it is not nice... banking job is a honest... i think u cant play fool with the interview panel... they will fire at the candidates those who do not know the local language....

  5. eventhough there was intital pressure u managed it well.. luck was there for u... all the very best how much was ur ibps written attempts...

  6. thanks for sharing.. good luck..

  7. with punjab.. the case is same.

  8. hiiii.....MY Iinterviewwas mind blowing really...they asked to speak local really relax me...they said are u nervous, in local language..i said no,not at all...they asked me my age..i said 22.they said very mean u crack ibps clerk in first attempt..i smile...tell me to introduce myself in local language..i start name,i belong to patiala,about graduation..they interrupt me..asked patiala is famous for..i answered with smile...then one sir asked me some typical computer terms...i said sir,i m weak in technical knowledge...he said ok bt how u score 62 % first division..i said there are some cramming subjects too..i all start laughing..main member said girl is so confident...he said we r not going to question u any more....tell all u know about banking..we all just listen u....then i start like a bullet..hahaha...

    bank definition
    ATMS- white atm,brown atm
    interrupt.................................white atm?????? i explain that NBFC can implant their own atm which are having 100 crore creditworth..he saig good
    i continue
    smart cards,mobile banking,credit cards......................he said stop stop laughing.............all r so friendly........offer me tofee......said thank u.all the best......thats all.

    just be confident,thats the key to success :)

  9. Thnx Jalaraj.still they did not declared score for them who r shortlisted for for the interview. overall score they will declare after completion of full interview


  10. can anyone tell me pls..if a biodata is being required in clerk interviews ???

  11. They will just ask for your original marks card including convocation

  12. no need of boidata...ur online application form is detailed boidata in itself:)

  13. no need to study in that much deep:)

  14. thanks a ton

  15. last time ye question mujse pucha gaya tha , or mujhe lagta h mane sahi ans nahi diya tha isliye puch rha hu :)

  16. Dear Ramesh you are in India or in some other country. Most of the Karnataka Job opportunities is created by outsider. You should welcome them to share their expertise and make your culture global. They comes here learns your culture and shares their expertise to make Karnataka big and beautiful. Suppose you got job in US with good salary for your good knowledge. If they will say through them outside of US, who will loose US or India?

  17. Falguni You did a gr8 Job. We require good people like you thank you.

  18. @suraj: Thank u Suraj, for replying so nicely. I was shocked what should i write to him.But u gave a perfect reply

  19. Dear Suraj of course i am in India only, as being a Citizen i welcome outsider...but think about the local candidates who are in this Karnataka region they, who are especially in rural places they loose the opportunity if others from state apply here (since Karnataka has a lowest cutoff.).but i agree they have a right to apply from any part of India so everybody are aiming here.Hello u gave an example of US but in US itself Job market is not stable then how they employ other citizens..


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