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February 10, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Darshan (Vijayawada)


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Hello friends I am Darshan Kumar.

Here i am sharing my interview experience which was held on 9th Feb, at Andhra Bank Zonal office, one town, Vijayawada.
My time was 1.00pm.
Document verification started at 1pm and i am the last candidate for panel-I interview.
After waiting with lots of patience my turn came around 5.45PM.
I entered the room with permission and greeted everyone separately, starting with lady.(4M+1F)
As this was my first interview i was little bit tensed and everyone in the panel asked me to relax.
later started interviewing me.

As expected The very first question is

Tell me about yourself?

What you have done from 2011-2015?

Have you cleared IBPS PO?

Who is 15th PM of India? Modi

What are different schemes being implemented by Modi?
What are different type of deposits?

Which deposits are helpful for bank (ie., time deposits or demand deposits)

What are Demand deposits?

Difference between Saving and Current accounts?
Your strengths and weakness?

Any relatives in Banking Sector ?

and at last gave me Eenadu paper ( a Telugu News paper) to read the heading. After that they said Good you can go.

At last Wished every one saying Thank you and Have a nice day.

My entire interview went in Telugu for 5 mins only.

And at the end I would like to thank for all the support they have provided me  from the beginning of my preparation.

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  1. Good bro all the best

  2. Hi bro...your ibps po score please?

  3. Hi what about essay writing

  4. No essay writing

  5. what u have answered for what have u done from 2011-2015 question?

  6. Any one attending interview in koti hyd ?reply please

  7. I told them that i was searching for my core job for two years...later one of my uncle told me to try bank jobs...

  8. what about essay writing? did they give any specific topics??

  9. No essay writing

  10. wow!! but most of the candidates are supposed to write naaaaaa

  11. did they staisfied with it? i to completed my grad in 2011

  12. But in our branch no essay writing but u need to read headlines in paper

  13. in our center no essay writing


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