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February 16, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Tejal (Mumbai)


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Name : Tejal C Bari

Qualification : B.Tech (EXTC)

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra, Mumbai

Date : 13th February 2015

Hello friends....I would like to share my interview experience with u...hope this helps....

I reached d center around 12.30 for afternoon batch.
we were given a blank sheet to copy a paragraph from Marathi newspaper.Around 1 pm verification
started. They were talking 15-20 mins for verification and very strict about it.The panel went for lunch around 2 and came at 2.45pm.

i was called for verification around 2.45pm. The documents were verified by 2 people.

After waiting long I was called for interview around 4.30pm.

i entered the room by taking permission. There were 4 men and 1 woman in the panel.

Ques . Meaning of your name.
ans : shine n then was lot of discussion on that.

then mam had all my documents.she asked me about my first preference.
ans : i said bob has maximum branches overseas and it has good career growth. it also provides good customer service.

Ques.Then 1male asked me about my ambitions.
a.i said i want to get into banking sector as it provides good opportunities and i m working hard for it.i have appeared for various PO exams also but couldn't clear the cutoff.
then he asked me where are you lagging.

I said current affairs.then they started grilling me about budget.

previous and current finance minister.

then mam opened my marksheets..n asked me about my subject cryptography.
i answered about encryption and decryption of messages.

then she asked me who monitors that...i said SWIFT...then she asked about working of swift...i said i don't have deep knowledge of it.

one male panel who was quite till now asked about e banking and m banking...
I answered correctly...he was satisfied..

Ques. then mam asked me about kejriwals main philosophy..i couldn't answer that....then she only said its corruption...

then that male said can he fight against that ??
i said he can but he should stop all the drama...all started laughing...

Ques. another male then asked me about per capita income...
I could answer half answer right...its total income/ total population..

Ques. Then 1 male asked about NPA...when they become NPAs...
They made me feel comfortable throughout and not to get nervous.

Later they said how do you feel was your interview. I said moderate. only few questions I couldn't answer.

Later I asked them about my good and bad point...all d male praised me for good communication skills and confidence..

Then mam said improve your banking knowledge and current affairs...since you need to be updated while interacting with customers...

They all wished me best of luck and asked to leave...I thanked everyone and left the room..

Thanks Gr8ambitionz for ur articles and help...I would like to advice the candidates appearing for interview to be yourself...dont try to bluff anything...keep cool...give your best...ALL The Best :)

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  1. its a nice and cool interview...

  2. may i knw when the sbi result vl come?

  3. me too waiting for results.

  4. Hi pls any one tell me, my clerical interview is on tmrw, by mistake I have mentioned my degree % as 75 instead of 76. will it create any pblm?

  5. I want to share my interview experience which done on today

  6. plz tell ibps cl iv interview result kab ayega

  7. What s e banking and m banking?

  8. Hi dear all my interview at pune time 1pm
    I reach venue at 11.30am
    I am second last in panel so my turn came at 7pm
    My interview goes around 15min in both languages 8min english 7min marathi
    I entered with permission
    Then i wished all.
    M1: what is your good name?
    M1:your qualification is in computer science then why bank?
    Me:replied(as i prepared very well abt that question.)
    M1:if u have Rs0 balance ,suppose Rs100000 debited from your a/c in this case what happened?
    Me:this means i take loan
    M1:good (looks satisfied)
    M2:what services provided by atm?
    M2:Uses of Atm
    M3:what is phone banking & mobile app
    M4:types of account?
    Mam:rell me about your family?
    M1:if we appointed you ,what is your roll for customes?
    In this way my first interview finished now hope for best happened!

  9. Nybdy from Bhopal?.....

    Plzz do share ur intrvw xprnc....

  10. Wat s e-banking and m-banking?


  12. guys pls post ur sbi aaociate gd n intervw experience...

  13. It may create a problem depending on the verifieing officers. Officers in my panel were very strict.

  14. If someone is not knowing the official language of the state then will there be a problem?

  15. hi what r my chances for the above interview ?


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