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February 22, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 6


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Which state was earlier called NEFA (North-East Frontier Agency) ?

The states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are jointly called as ?

Between the planets Mars and Jupiter are found asteroids orbiting the Sun. What is the region called ?

Which city is known as "the Light of the East" ?

Out of the four Vedas, which Veda describes the concept of Ayurveda ?

Jackie Joyner Kersee is connected to which sport ?

Which ocean is known as "the Herring Pond" ?

Which rainforests in Madagascar have been included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Site ?

Samantha Stosur is a tennis player. Name the country she belongs to ?

Which country won the 2013 Women's Cricket World Cup ?

What is the biological name of Neem ?

Sir Martin Frobisher discovered these islands in the Arctic Ocean in 1576. Name them ?

Which Islands did Christopher Columbus discover in the Caribbean islands off the coast of Miami in 1492 ?

Which country is known as "the Island of Pearls" ?

Name the national park in Madhya Pradesh where the famous white tigers of Rewa were found ?

The southernmost tiger reserve which was also one of the firsts. Name it ?

Name the Garden city of India ?

The term "Three Point Field Goal" belongs to which sport ?

Which country is known as "the Cockpit of Europe" ?

Which six countries became part of the EEC (European Economic Community) when it was established in 1958 ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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  1. When will ibps clerks marks release

  2. Within one week..

  3. Pankaj did you appeared for new india assurance AO exam

  4. How was ur ibps clerk's interview ??

  5. i did not submitted experiences certificate ibps clerk interview will they reject me?

  6. pls share 2days sbi associate clrk experience of mourning session.

  7. Did u mention in the application form ?

  8. wen d final result wil be declared?

  9. Ibps clerk 4 interview experience
    venue - Grand jbr lucknow
    my interview was on 19 th of feb , whole interview was in hindi
    panel 1

    i entered the room nd said Good afternoon
    mam , Good afternoon sirs
    M3 : So u r frm faizabad
    me : Yes sir
    M 2 : Apne bare me bataiye
    me : Told
    M2 : apne graduation me biotech kia hai
    , biotech ka kya use hai bank me
    me : Sir biotech ka koi use nhi hai bank me
    M2 : Phir
    Me : Sir computer science mera additional subject tha graduation me , iska use hai bank me
    M3 : Computer ka use bataiye in banking
    me : Told all the operations done with the help of computers
    M2 : Ok , computer k aane se bank enployees ko kya benefit hua nd customers ko kya benefit hua
    me : told
    M2 : Accha ye batao banks me itne jyada recruitments kyo ho rhe hain
    me : Bcoz banks expansion kar rhi hi, new branches open ho rhi hi , jyada man power ki requirement hi
    M2 : Aur koi reason
    me : Banks me retirement ho rhi hi bulk me thts y
    M2 : Aur koi reason
    Me : Sorry sir , dont knw
    M 2 : ( Haste hue ) Aap log bahut upar ki sochte ho , bahut choti si cheez hai .
    chalo koi baat nhi
    F : Aapne koi aur exam dia tha
    me : No mam , only banking
    M1 : Beta , mam ka matlab hai , apne po ka exam dia tha
    me : Yes sir
    M1 : Kitne marks the
    me : Sir , 83
    28 Jan ko interview tha
    F : kaun kaun se questions puche gye the
    me : Told
    M 3 : kahin mam to panel me nhi thi
    me : ( Looked at mam ) shayad sir
    they started laughing
    M 3 : Ok apne biotech kia hi thn jatropha suna hi , kya hota hai
    Me : Used as biodiesel
    M1 : Good , plant dekha hai iska
    Me : No sir
    F : Ok banking me kya padha hai
    me : Banking terms all
    M 4 : Ok RBI k functions bataiye
    me : RBI monetary policy ko formulate , implement nd monitor krti hi
    bankers to government , bankers to the banks , issues currency notes nd works as a custodian of forex exchange
    M 3 : Ok , bank gurantee ke bare me bataiye
    me : Told abt banks introduction
    M 1 : Beta aap introduction bta rhe ho
    me : Sorry sir , loan against collaterals like mortguage
    M 4 : ( Haste hue ) Abhi jyada deep puchenege , mortguage bata nhi paoge
    me : sir , puchiye pata hi :)
    M 4 : ( Haste hue ) Ok ok theek hai
    passed to M 3
    M 3 : Ok beta best of luck
    me : Thank you sir , thank you mam

    sabhi panel members bahut friendly the , all time they laughed nd giving smile

  10. Ibps po ka result kal ayega with cutoff??

  11. 2days sbt is so tough i think aftr noon session

  12. who told pls tell

  13. friends i got job as postal assistant and at the same time got good marks in IBPS po i.e., 90..
    postal department calling me to submit certificates on 10 th march
    n d po results will come on 1st april as we all know..
    so plzz kindly give ur valuable advice if to join in postal dept. r to wait for po results

    nd 1 more prblm is if i submit my certificates den it takes 2-3 months for completion of verification to return..

    i think it can create a prblm if i got selected for po..

    plz give ur valuable suggestions

  14. kisne kaha...april me aayega vo...

  15. Hey pooja did you appeared for new india assurance AO exam

  16. Tera interview kaise tha

  17. What is your score of ibps po and your category

  18. mera clear ni hua po...

  19. ha need to say sorry....

  20. Wait for po results
    Don't go for postal assistant
    As ur having graduation better wait for po
    Don't go postal assistant


    All hats are shocks
    All Shocks are shoes
    All Shoes are Black

    Some Blacks are not shoes
    All Hats can be black is a possibility

  22. if u think ur interview gone well, than go for PO as u said ur written marks was also good, but if ur interview was didn't upto mark, than my friend go for postal.


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