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January 22, 2015

Today's ( 22nd January 2015) IBPS PO IV Interview Experience


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Hi friends, iam Rajendra Sai Kumar from Nellore. i want to share my interview experience of ibps po IV which held in hyderabad.

Name : Ch. Rajendra Sai Kumar

Venue : Andhra Bank Head Office, Saifabad, Hyderabad.

Date: 22-01-2015

Time: 08:30 a.m

I reached the venue at 7:30 a.m, climate was so cold. at 8 a.m i entered inside. we stayed in a seminar hall for certificates verification. the process started at 8:30 a.m. they called the names one by one and after verification they are sending to the interview. in verification process some are not taken obc certificates not in the prescribed format of ibps for them the staff asked to submit later the particular format one. one more thing is u must carry 10 and 12th(inter) and graduation marks list. some had not brought 12th(intermediate) marks list. no problem if you didnt brought, they will round with pencil and asks to bring later.

 around 10:30 i entered into the panel, the panel consists of 5 men and one woman.they are looking very cool.

me: may i come in ?
m1: yes come in.

me: good morning mam, gud mrng sir.
m1: take ur seat.

m1: ur name rajendra sai kumar, long name which we can call you?
me: its ur wish wish sir, which word feels comfort you can call me

m1: not like that, u say
me: all call me as sai, u can call if u feel comfort with that name

m1: ok sai, tell briefly about your father and mother
me: i replied

m1: when u had done ur graduation
me: i replied in 2009 in e.c.e stream.

m1: after that?
me: i worked in an n.g.o for 1 year and later worked in municipal office as environmental engineer for 3 years

m2: so you worked after for total 4 years?
me: yes sir

m1: tell me what topics prepared well, we will ask on that?
me: i laughed and said i prepared all tings its ur wish sir

m1: no, not like that say some thing which u learned well ?
me: i said to ask me about my work experience, to show how i worked

m1: ok leav it, what are ur hobbies ?
me: in free times i like to listen music sir

m1: ok which songs u like more
me: no particular types sir, i like all good songs

m1: do u listen devotional songs
me: yes sir

m1: do u sing them
me: yes sir (but he didnt asked me to sing)

m1: ok sai, tell me how banks help economy in a country?
me: i replied but unable to put my answer in correct way

f1: what are different types of deposits?
me: i replied

f1: difference between term deposits and savings deposits?
me: replied, (she expected me to tell tha savings are demand deposits, when ever you need you can take from ur account, time deposits are not like that, i told in a different way the she clarified later)

m2: u worked in n.g.o and y u left it
me: its a contractual job sir

m3: so u want another contractual job
me: no sir, i want a permanent

m3: y ur so speed and anxiety in giving answers, be cool, u have to handle patiently the people in bank. u worked in n.g.o with people then why this?
me: in a hurry burry mood sir, sorry

m3:u worked in n.g.o and, municipal officet  how do u feel about that ?
me: i like to work in service sector and now i like work in service and public sector both so i chose banking

m4: what is uni direction and bi directional communications?
me: i replied the name it self gives answes

m4: example?
me: for uni directional i didnt get the name of walkie-talkie so i showed with hand that we will talk like hello hello over and we listen to others words, then he said walkie talkie, yes sir, for bi directional it is telephone and mobiles

m5: whats today date importance?
me: iam not geeting idea sir

m5: do u watch movies?
me: yes sir

m5: one famous person of hydrabd died on the same day
me: sir its akkineni nageswar rao

m5: yes

m1: ok rajendra, thankyou, all the best
me: thankyou sir

thats all very cool, feel free frnds.. then definetly you can. hope god will get me into the job this time.

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  1. All the best frnd...

  2. plz name in 10th marksheet is OM PRAKASH(gap between name) and in 12th & graduation marksheet NAME is OMPRAKASH cause problem or not

  3. Guys how much attempt did u made in ibps clerk 4??? Just want to confirm highest marks, a candidate can get to clear interview...

  4. Bhai computer certicate is mandarory or not for btech holders

  5. apna selection kab hoga.
    so that i will send my interview experience..

  6. same problem to me also brother when u have ur interview

  7. friends whether T.C is must??????????????

  8. New India assurance interview dates out


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