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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Arun (Hyderabad)

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Name : ARUN

Qualification : BTech(cse) 2014 passed out

Venue : Andhra Bank head office, Saifabad, Hyderabad.

Date : 19th January 2015

Time : 1 PM

panel : 4
      Reached the venue by 12:45 and entered the auditorium where many candidates were already present. I waited, waited and waited for almost 5 hours and finally my document verification has happened luckily with no complaints from the madam who has been verifying all documents.( but they were really very particular about all the documents). At 5:30, we were taken to the other building where we were asked to wait for our turn. Finally my turn came at 5:40. Now the actual game starts.

I entered the room after asking their permission. There were 4 male members and one female member in the panel.

me: wished everybody individually. They asked me to take a seat.(I said Thanq and sat gently)
m1(madam) : you have studied in a very good college right( yes madam)
m2: Okay arun, tell me about yourself in 2 minutes.
me: said about name,education etc.,(panel interrupted and said ok stop)
m4 : Do you have any work experience? ( m3 said to m4 that Iam a fresher)
m1 again: you have studied in a good college might have had placements!!
m3: why banking after BTech?
me: blah blah( again interrupted and said ok you can stop)
m4: what is banking?
me: providing banking facilities to public.
m4: what are banking facilities?
me: the primary function of a bank is to accept deposits from public and lend to those who are in need of them.
m4: will u give loan to anybody?
me: no sir I'l see his credit worthiness and also has to adhere to KYC norms.
m4: how do banks know his credit?
me: through credit rating agencies like crisil and cibil.(m3 seemed raising his eyebrows)
m4: what if he has low credit rating? will you still give him loan?
me: No sir according to RBI, blah blah bah, he will again turn into defaultor.( now he seemed satisfied and said ok)
m2: btech in cse right? ok banks are using LAN or WAN?
me: for a moment got confused and said in today's world, WAN sir. In the past, as banks were not globally expanded they might have used LAN.
m2: asked about project? asked me to explain? and asked few differences?
me; said all the answers
m2: what is the maximum capacity of a mobile phone?
me: here I really got dazed and couldn't able to tell the answer that he wanted. I asked him to repeat the question for clarity and finally I could understand the question and said as per my knowledge its 64GB sir. he said ok
m1(mdam): recently govt launched a scheme for small tea sellers, vegetable sellers, fruit sellers. what is that scheme?
me: jan dhan yojana ma'am.(everybody looked at madam and was nodding their heads)
finally m2 said ok arun you can leave now.
me: said thanks to everybody and left the room quietly. (I think my interview went for about 15mins) 

AFTER THE INTERVIEW WAS over I was really happy that I could perform well( they asked questions on personal, academics, banking, general awareness). I heard that they mostly check how confident we are, our communication skills and our spontaneity and honesty in our answers. I think I gave my best and lets see whats gonna happen. hoping for the best. That's all we can do for now.!! All the best for those who are about to give their interviews.

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